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My poems of life are written from the heart and the soul in authenticity, and are inspired from personal life experience. From romantic poems, love poems, friendship poems to inspirational poetry and spiritual poems, my poetry collection encompasses the range of human emotions on the path to self growth and mirrors my life's journey from pain to healing. The poems are arranged in categories for easy reference.
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Bio Of my Poetry: Read how I came to writing. Like many others, I discovered that writing can be very cathartic. My convoluted life needed to be re-framed and so I chose this avenue of self expression. Visit Birth of My Poetry.


The Dilemma...

She thought she spilled the contents of her heart
But deep inside, she knew she had retreated
From that precipice of exposure
Ali She had to keep some thing alive
And private
And only “hers”

To write with heart and soul but to keep that ‘something’ back
How is that to be achieved?
Or should we spread our best wares in the sun
To fade, at another’s disapproval?
Disinterest? disappointment? distress?

So she divulges that which keeps her sane
And holds to her breast those things
Which could be mis-interpretated, mistrusted,
Misunderstood, misrepresented,

And so it is.

Alison Stormwolf


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