Come out, come out!
The night is still
And the moon's riding high in the sky
And the trees stand out
With their ghostly hue
As the bats flutter silently by

And the world has changed
From the one we knew
When all was sunny and bright
There's a different feel
Nature's minor keys
Are composing their music tonight

And my spirit soars
Up among the stars

And my heart opens up with delight
As the night owl's hoots
Echoes faint through the woods
I dance my 'dance of the night'

For I've loved the moon
And her silvery light
And always answered her call
To come out and share
Her celestial glow
For as long as I can recall

She will never lose
Her magic for me
Should I live many years here below
For a star studded heaven
Reminds me always
There's upwards and onwards to go!
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xxxxxxxxxxx - Alison Stormwolf




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