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Soul Awakening - Official Home of Alison Stormwolf

Welcome to Soul Awakening, the home of Alison Stormwolf, poet and healer
This site will help awaken soul growth, inspire inner awareness, reflection and self-empowerment
through poetry, spiritual articles and wisdom, as well as holistic healing services.

Inspirational Poetry
Inspirational poetry from the heart, life experience and a spectrum of human emotions.
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Philosophy Articles
My philosophies on life and the path to 'Wholeness', from experience and observation.
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Audio Poetry
Collection of Alison's online poetry - for those who prefer to listen to poetry.
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Read about your soul awakening
Holistic Healing
Experience gentle, powerful and relaxing healing to balance mind, body, spirit.
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Wisdom Quotes
Quotes of inspirational & motivational wisdom to offer guidance and upliftment.
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Inspirational websites with info and tools for soul growth, personal transformation, life contemplation.
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Soul Awakening will help heal and inspire you to reconnect with your Soul,
awakening you to the True Power of the grand Spirit that you are!


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Embrace your magnificence!
See with clear vision the power in you
Hidden maybe, Unrecognised maybe...
But a part of your very soul
~ © Alison Stormwolf ~


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.:: A Blessing For You ::.

Please take a few moments out of your busy day
to receive a blessing through this beautiful piece by Roma Downey.

Close your eyes, place your hands upwards in your lap, and
listen to the words... believe them, claim them, they are yours!

Feel loved... for you are loved!
Alison Stormwolf

An Irish Blessing by Roma Downey




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Poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834)  
Goddess Artwork by Corey Wolfe