The Birth Of My Poetry & My Impetus to Write
by Alison Stormwolf


Although I wrote my first poem aged 12 years, I really only opened up to this avenue of expression following a very turbulent time in my life.

Many people find the 'pearl in the oyster' in this way. We so often do not see the gifts that come through personal trials.

I am a Gemini, the natural communicator of the zodiac. After being raised to view my extreme sensitivity and imagination as some sort of flaw...I realised that those very attributes enabled me to write from the heart. I had no desire to impress. Only to bring what was inside, out...and so my poetry became an avenue of expression, comfort and healing for me.

I reckoned that it may be the same for others. In other words, some people would read a poem and understand we all loosely share our dreams, disappointments and inner yearnings.

In this way they may find connection through the human condition.

My attitude to poetry is very unsnobbish, I write as I feel. The words form themselves for me.


"Poetry is a flash of lightening;
It becomes mere composition
When it is an arrangement of words."
~ Kahlil Gibran


Many poets are opened up in this way. Maybe it's only in the depths of inner reflection we fully understand our search for meaning and for the spiritual reality that many poets tune into, in order to be able to bring their revelations and deep feelings out and onto paper.

Poetry comes from the heart.

In Love,





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