Poems On Love, Romance & Relationships

A collection of inspirational romantic love poetry by Alison Stormwolf - romantic love, soul love, spiritual partnership, marriage, romance, passion, yearning, longing, togetherness.


Oh, my sweet darling
let me hold you
through the dark hours.
For something is released in me,
a physical sensation,
an envelope of caring.
Twinning us here
for all time...

I am mute
with longing.
You consume me entirely,

Stamped upon the ether
Our sounds,

There is no world beyond
what we have engineered.

I kiss you
and would die
to never
Only For Him
He could not know nor realise, his role
in the quickening of my mind,
the returning to life
of my body.

That subtle stirring...
That almost forgotten
blossoming and unwrapping
unfolding of sweet petals
wanting only him….

For I have dreamt of him
in my dark nights
and called to him
in my red dawns
of awakening.

My eagle soars to be with him
A blissful

I lie with him in deepest indigo
the night breeze
elevates our sighs skyward
mixing with Divine Dew...

Raining down on us in blessings
wetting us in our union.

A heavenly approval
of why
I love
Date with Destiny
Exquisite joy, exquisite pain
are no strangers to me.
For years ago, I slipped my moorings
drifting out to sea.
That ocean of the heart's delight
denied me for so long.
where waves of passion swell the night
as mermaids sing their song.

The story of a love gone cold
and weep while singing,
so sad the song.

They sing of how I risked it all
to set my captive free.
a melancholy figure
revealed in a dream to me.
She stood alone in darkest gloom
before a window barred,
all dressed in black,
I viewed her back
and knowledge came to me.

She was my 'self'
My strong desires
I'd locked up on the day
I gave myself in marriage,
my freedom locked away,
in a dark and lonely dungeon
around me, only grey.
So I broke free
and chanced my fate
out on life's oceans deep.
Oh! Had I known the hurt and pain
the endless tears I'd weep...
I may have stayed confined and lost
Instead of free..
And tempest tossed

But still I sail the stormy seas
my destiny to claim.
For faintly on the sweet night air
I hear him call my name.
I just keep going forward
I am so glad I'm free

For standing on some distant cliff
he scans the seas for me.
Sweet Mystery
Who is this person
who brings a smile to my lips
and blood into my thighs?

Who is this person?
Who knows me so well
Yes, my inner being?

Whose words elevate
and excite beyond measure.

Whose knowing

leaves me naked?

He is all things imagined.
All things desired.
All things dark
and light

He IS all things!
Self Discovery
Hello and goodbye,
Can't give one more try,
I am on the road to find out.

You allowed me to feel,
But I am on the road to find out.

Our love was a blessing, in human dressing
A gift in my sadness.
Our union Holy, lovemaking solely
my escape from the madness.

Nature untethered, passion unfettered
I open before you..
Was happy knowing,
my knowledge was growing
On MY road to find out.

You gave me some answers,
my thoughts were like
skimming over your body...

Encompassing dreams
and unwritten schemes
A true road to find out.

I kiss you so deep, entwined,
then we sleep
my head on your strong chest.

I wake and I leave you,
and always will grieve you
On my road to find out.
The Crossing
Whisper softly, my beloved
tender words of sacred love,
I have loved you with a passion
given all my heart could hold
And I'll love you for a lifetime
so my questions hard and bold.
Whisper softly, my beloved
As we lie in love's embrace.
Is tonight the very last time
can it be your love's grown cold?
I have sacrificed my humble pride
look deeply in my eyes and speak...

of the life we planned together,
of the passion we have shared,
of the times we cried together,
all the times you said you cared?
Yes, my love goes on forever
though your's has proven weak.

Whisper softly, my beloved
Though I cannot hear your voice
You have left me all alone to grieve
perhaps you had no choice?
But when all is said and done
And it's to the light I go
I have loved you with a strength of love
that other's seldom know.

And at time of my transition
and I close my eyes for good.
May my heart remain suffused with love
may my thoughts be true and good.
And my leaving
and my waking,
Will be
"one above the rest"
With my hand in yours so softly
And my head
upon your chest.
Wishing in a Dream
Turn around my darling!
and see me standing there.
Take me in your loving arms.
Run your fingers through my hair
Take me to our 'special place'
once more
reserved for me and you,
Whisper softly in my ear,
the way that lovers do;

Do you have to go SO soon?

Can't you stay a little while?
I have missed you, oh, so much!
Missed your kisses and your smile;
And your body pressed to mine
Missed your sweet and tender touch,
Can't we negotiate with time?
try to walk another mile?
Please don't go.
oh no!
not yet!

Morning comes,
no invitation
Such a sad and aching situation
Let me slip back into dreams,
if only for a second
Retrace my steps to when I beckoned

"Turn around my darling,
turn around and see me standing here
Sweet Surrender
Hold me
ever tighter.
My arms refuse
to let you go!
I will not
surrender you again
Like once….
SO long ago

Oh! take my breath
within you.
As I take you
In me...
So our souls
will be united
as united
they must be.

I will not
forget this calling.
For once
my soul says NO!
I'll go where I am taken
and I'll take
where ere I go.

I melt
into your presence
into your heart.
In silence
I surround you
Now let
our loving start…

You speak
to me
in moonlight...
You join me
in my dreams.
You've always
been beside me.
You've held me
my screams.

I've called for you
in star-time.
I've ached for you
at dawn.
Now come my love
and take me
our time
Inner Questioning
How then shall I love you?
Shall I send for winged chariots
to ferry me over the oceans?
Or summon Eros
to bear me up with his dark wings?
For I often wander
in the underworld
sometimes fearing
this will be my prison.
And many times I try
to elevate myself
onto a higher perspective...
And oft times I fall
back into my silence

How then,
Shall I
Sweet Man
You speak

And my tethered heart
fights against the bars
of my self imposed prison.

You smile

and my world has colour,
past hurts are forgotten
wounds are healed,

You write

And my heart is warmed
after many months in icy winter
countless nights of biting cold.

You live

And the knowlege
gives my heart the wings
to fly to pastures new.
Beyond The Mask
Do you see beyond the mask?
Outward expression, resolute
Yes! I know you do!
Your every breath is mine
Your heart beats to my own
peculiar rhythm

I push you away and still you stay.
An immovable rock, in the landslide
of my emotions.
Oblivious of all warnings
unexpected conditions, stay indoors!

Your feet transverse the chasm
between my hurt and my heart

Brave soul,
my love is yours forever.
Time, age or distance cannot diminish
the galaxy of stars I see
when I look in your eyes.

My words are like jewels
given with reverance
on a velvet cloth.
Pure, bright, unblemished.

I am but one star in the creation
A tiny drop of being...
But let that being drop on you
nourish, water and comfort you
In life's droughts.
For John
Wolf eyes, alert, piercing.
Exposing all inconsistencies
you trampled my defences
and soared over my barriers
with nothing more
than your integrity
and `real' heart beating
in time to my own.

Why do I feel such security
enfolded in your arms?
There have been others before you
who have held me close
whispering words of love.

But I knew YOU would come!
Why it has taken so long
I do not understand
I only know that in you
I have found my true peace.

Boundaries disappear,
the circle complete.
A spiritual blending of hearts and souls
we share the happy secret
that in each other, we have found
the priceless key to self-expression
and infinite pure love.

Pull me closer, closer still!
My spirit surrenders
my body responds
to an ancient impulse...
A deep inner knowing...
You are my safe harbour.

I am part of you and you of me
Escape is impossible, or desired.
Pierce me and let us begin again
our own ecstatic dance;
Let me lie in your arms
share the warmth of our bodies
and the rhythm of our breaths.

While the moon is high in the sky
In the silence of the night...
I shall feast on my good fortune
And I shall bless God
For what has been granted to me

For This Season.
Our Dream House
You will paint and I will write
Or I will paint and you will write
Nights together by the fire
Your tender face in my hands
Our eyes expressing
A thousand unspoken words
Of how often we yearned for this
And the times we feared it was not to be
Or walking in the dusk in the garden
Distant calls of wild birds
Scented warm breeze rustling the leaves
Holding my hand in the silence
And mystery of love's bonding
As we gaze on our little house
With the soft glow from the windows
And later as the moon's silver light
Reflects off the slated roof
And the midnight stars are blazing
We lie beneath in each other's arms
Secure and content in our love
Our hearts overflowing
That in this maze we call life
We found each other.
Will You?
Will you accept me as I am?
Devoid of any pretence

Will you accept
My constant need for reassurance?
Will it wear you down?

Will you see beyond it
To the frightened child?
Will you ride

The rollercoaster of emotions with me
And understand my need to be held?
Will you penetrate my inner being?
And unleash the latent power in me
And hold me close when it threatens
To overwhelm us both?

Will you see the good in me?
Beyond the façade of gaiety
The inner longing for the merging of souls
The unspoken rejection of today's superficiality?

Will you look deep into my eyes and see
The inhabitant and not the house?
And having experienced all these things
And perhaps understood very little!
Will you love me?
Take Comfort
I will nurse you back to health
So sleep, and rest assured
I am in the next room
Alert to your call
Mindful of your needs
Your medicine, the antidote
To a lifetime of struggle
A hot water bottle for your soul
My caring, your salvation
My love, the "Cure All"

Do not fret, be at peace
Sleep the sleep of the beloved
Cocooned in blissful knowledge
Your existence, my reason to live
To make you happy.
The Reason
He lives
And while he does
So, also do my hopes
And dreams

He lives
And that knowlege
Plays about my heart
Suffusing it
With noon-day sun

He lives
And that thought
Places a smile
About my lips
And a fire in my eyes

He lives
So this world
Is not the grey
Alien land
It once was

Certainty Versus Doubt
Should I never see you smile again
Or feel your hand in mine,
I have taken of the waters
Of a love that was divine

Should I never hold your body
Or look deeply in your eyes
I know we loved each other
And this world is full of lies.
The Barren Bed / Night Prayer
My nights are so..
Different now..
I lie on my back
And go through
The old routine
Taking my breathing
To different dimensions
To match the travels,
Of my dream body

Well, I have
To do something!
Transform my bed
Into a place of mystery
And excitement...
Once more...
Like it was...
When you were here.

And our spirits
Went soaring
To other dimensions
As we dissolved
Our boundaries
In mutual bliss...

Back then,
We took each other
Beyond the limits
Of comprehension

Holding on SO tightly
In case one of us
Should fall...
Should lose
Our foothold.......
And plummet Down
From the ecstatic dimensions
We wove one another...
The sublime heights,
We scaled.

" God grant
That I may
Always travel
With exuberant joy
Always experience
The ultimate
In everything
I attend
For the mediocre,
Is like death to me
And a life
With out passion
Would be starvation
To my soul. "
My Dark One
It is night once more
So I slip into your realm
Leaving this unbelieving world
In the fringes of my consciousness

Where are you my dark one?
Oh yes, there you are!
Come to me, encompass me
Kiss me in our wild, dark passion

I try, I really try
During our nocturnal encounters
Never to wake, never to float
Up to the surface of our erotic dream

I feel the morning encroaching
And I curse our separation
Because I have no say, NO power
To decide when you return

Lover of my dream time
Sweet man of the night
Who knows me SO well
Know just how much I desire you
As I wake to the morning
I feel you still beside me
My heart still beats like a wild bird

And my body aches for your return
Dark Promises
I asked you in the darkness
As my fingers traced your lips
And my breath fell on you neck
"Can I reveal myself to you?"

Your grip came ever tighter
Your words like sweet blossoms
Anchoring me in that sublime
And exquisite caging;

You pledged yourself to me
And in that moment lost in time
As red mists consumed us both
I surrendered my boundaries entirely

Deep, dark and brooding is my night
Encased in that sublime velvet
Do my thoughts take root
Oh! Shield me from the daylight's cleansing!
Misplaced Love
I cannot bear it,
And yet I must
My every dream
Turned into rust
My heart is frozen,
My thoughts surreal
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust

I loved with all
My heart could hold
You were to me
like precious gold
Such love, such passion
In our kiss
Such wanton pleasure
Such sweet bliss...
Oh! Should I never
See your face again
Or hold you close
One thing is sure

I love you
As the day is new
I drop on you
As morning dew
I kiss you
As you go to sleep
And even there
Our treasures keep

I lie with you
In dead of night
No matter who
You cuddle close...

I kiss you
As you wake at morn
My arms surround you
Like a ghost

And this I'll do
Through all my days
Though you have many
Different loves
I'll be beside you
Till I die
And even then...
Beside you lie

I said "I love you"
And I do
Through all the years
Apart from you
And should we never
Kiss again
My memories
Will see me through

So when I feel
The light grow dim
And fear assails me,
Come what may
I'll take to mind
Your smilng face
And lying back
In smiles I'll lay

A love so pure
I'll go to Him,
My love secure.
On Recognition of a Soul Mate
Pole-axed by love
Run through
By desire's lance
Kundalini unleashed
Soaring out of control
Bursting open the petals
Of my heart chakra
Like a celestial lotus
Starved of the sun too long

There he is!
There he is.....
Through the Eyes of Love
So I looked at him
And I asked myselfv "What do you see in this man?"
He is no Adonisv No undiscovered film star

No, he is more than the sum total
Of every good thing
Every major thing
I ever wanted in a man

I used to ask myself
How can that attraction be sustained?

Then I looked at him
And knew it would last forever

I used to wonder
Can I forsake all others?
Yes, even to the end of my life?
Then he smiled

And suddenly
All my questions

Love's Mystery
My love is a magnetic field
Drawing me ever closer
Enfolded in your arms
I seek a closer union
The circle is complete
And still I hunger
To be all that you are
To lose myself in your being

For there, and only there
Am I whole!
Kiss me
and take my
Out of my chest
With longing,

Hold me
As I melt
Into oblivion
A fragile mass
By desire

Love me...
Stand back
Before this

This total
Enlivens my
Roots of being,

Strangles my
Cries of "No!
I am not ready!
I fear love."

Save me
Before I fall
Into the well
Of unquenched passion
Lose my being
once and for all

Look at me
For I reflect you
In every way,
Composite Man
My love is like a stallion
His inner beauty slays me
He takes me far above the clouds
When on his bed, he lays me

Such sweet delight
Is caught in sight
Of she who looks towards him
Such tenderness, as we undress
My eyes, they feast upon him

I melt into his loving arms
Our hearts so gently racing
As fiery darts his tongue imparts
While fingers do their they're tracing....

My skin on fire...
As even higher he takes me
With his loving
I want the very scent of him
So strong, is my desire

Our kisses
Are both deep and sweet
As stronger grows our yearning
The world is lost! I cannot think
The Earth has stopped its turning….

He plays me like a violin
With exert nimble fingers
He knows my needs and passion feeds
As at my treasure lingers

Come, enter me! and set me free
From all those chains which bind me
For only in those blissful arms
Can my true spirit find me!
Oh!, my sweet assasin!
Plunderer of my dreams

Where was your compassion? Knowing,
The dichotomy of your mind
Of the fragility of my emotions
The total loving trust
Invested in you;

In those blissful,
Dreamy moments
After union
With the traces of you
Still in my body
And the taste of youv on my lips

Could you not
Have placed your hands
on my throat
and squeezed
My spirit free
Rather than surrender me
To this slow death?

To endure
This terminal emptiness?

Surely that would bev The kindest act?

For to die in your arms
Would have been
My dark heaven
And.... ultimately...

More loving!
Stifled Commitment
Oh, I could tell you that I love you
But what difference can that make now?
My fate is hermetically sealed
I cannot love or trust again
Not in the measure of the past

Such a hard earned lesson!
I did not know the suffering potential
Of the loving soul rejected, abandoned
And with my new degree in humanities
It is too dangerous a path… for the likes of me

Still, I could tell you that I love you
For what harm can honesty and love inflict
As long as there are no false promises
Wrapped up in a velvet disguise
To make my words more
Palatable.., acceptable… real.
No talks of dreams fulfilled
Or happy endings…

If that would be acceptable to you
If my limitations are not too abhorrent
My inadequacy to trust, too off putting
Then, yes,
I could tell you
That I love you…
What kind of man is he?
Who renders me mute with desire
Whose very being
Speaks to me of days long gone
And nights well used?

What kind of man is he?
Whose very thoughts elevate my own
In such sweet delight
And frees my imaginings
To soar on clouds of erotic bliss?

He is my day and night
He consumes me always
Yes, allows me to shed this skin
This mortal frame
And soar into the sky
Where we can meet
And our lovemaking can form
A new galaxy or milky way
Such a man is he...
The Visitor
Leave your clothes at the door
Look into my eyes
For we are about to make
Our own history...

Yes, in the times to come
In those dark nights
Or that lonely old age
Many times
Will we remember this.

You make my spirit sing
My body is on fire for you
My own sweet angel
My much loved man.
Waking Dream
He descends to sleep, while I rise
From those misty depths
Where dreams are made
And realised.

Maybe I should remain
And seek him out
The fire in my heart
Lighting the way
For my dream feet
To tread safely

Maybe I should linger
In the twilight of the soul's reflection
where I feel him all around me
trading misty kisses
For more of him…
The Embrace
Cling close to my breast
For night is falling and we do not know
Where it will lead…
Cling close to my breast
For the wind of change is strong
And alone we are weak
The rhythm of my heartbeat,
Muted, pounding
Will lull you
Against the incessant trials
Will summon the sleep merchant
To his task in hand
And the wings of love therein
Will comfort you
Point the compass to "Home"
With God's speed and compassion
We'll be together forever.
Cling close my precious darling.
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