Inspirational Wisdom Quotes on Healing Bereavement

Coming to terms with death is the greatest challenge we will face on this life journey. Death is not only inevitable it is the one constant we can be sure of.

The Invisible

In the deepest night of suffering
You are granted entry
To a sacred sanctuary
Where all those
Who have gone before and suffered
As you do
Will come silently.

Bind your wounds,
Soothe your brow,
Whisper encouragement.

The Invisible
Will see you through.
~ Alison Stormwolf

To all of us it hold various fears and terrors depending on belief systems and faiths. I feel that once the reality of the 'normality' of this transition is addressed.... it loses much of its ability to scare us but it will always remain a time of great sorrow. Being human, we mourn the loss of the physical body of our loves ones, their presence and their personality. The dying themselves have to come to terms with the end of all they held familiar and enter into the great unknown.

It is my confirmed belief that physical death is the shedding of a worn out suit of clothes to be replaced by a body of light and joy. The inevitable pain and mourning only tempered by the knowledge that the deceased is now "safe" and has joined all those on the other side. They then will be there to welcome you when your time comes.

To ease the burden of pain, we need to focus our attention on celebrating and honouring the life of the deceased, instead of focussing on only their death. They are in a happy place and as they look down, they wish for your happiniess also. Let your thoughts, as much as you can, be happy thoughts and memories of the deceased, so that they may feel and benefit from the blessings that your happy memories and thoughts bestow on them.

If we can rid ourselves of the medieval visions of hell and damnation and visualise instead a place of beauty and belonging that is infused with light, love and joy....... we will be more able to walk this road in a place of peace and acceptance.

View this world as a temporary fix
Between states of bliss
Know it
Believe it
Then your mourning
May be easier to bear
Much as they loved you
They cannot see the misery here
Their place is far removed from pain
But around you nevertheless
Try to imagine them all around
Not in some distant heaven
For they are nearer to you
Than your own heartbeat
Just a little time to bear...
They got off at an earlier station.
They will welcome you on the platform
When your train comes in.
Such celebrations on that day
Be strong, live life and laugh.
They are in a place devoid of time,
Secure and protected.
Last thing at night
send them love,
and with the dawn more again.
for the bonds will never be broken,
and that love will remind you
they still exist.
Mourning is essentially selfish.
In the pain of loss
reach deeply into your being,
access the love that resides there,
that will sustain you
until you meet again.
We are all scarred by bereavement.
Even the adepts weep.
transitions are always a challenge.
Let them go with love.
to mourn too deeply
or too long hinders them
in ways we do not understand.
Spiritual ties are eternal
yes, through lifetimes
Contact the core of your being.
know in this place
there is no separation, not now, not ever
When you can smile
remembering their annoying ways,
then you are healing deeply
Empty arms are the cruelest suffering
We are united in that

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Excerpt from "Silk Road" - An Enchanted Evening by Kitaro