The Wraith

A wraith is an apparition of a person, living or dead, that may appear shortly before or after death.

Oh, come to the window,
my darling.
Look out in the frosty dark night
I'm waiting beside that old oak tree
bathed in this soft, lunar light.

Leave all your possessions
behind you,
just make your way
straight to the door...
You won't be requiring those burdens
those 'things of this world'

I'm leaving tonight
very shortly;
My time here has come to a close.
I've now come for you
( as I promised )
You won't be requiring your clothes...

I could not go on 'there'
without you,
The years…..have eroded the past;
Say farewell to those things
all around you
Together... forever

At last!
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The Wraith - Alison Stormwolf

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