Divine Intervention, Law of Grace & The Divine Plan


I believe in Divine Intervention. This is something that occurs when we pray for help. I also believe that the Creator sees the workings of our hearts. In this way our good intentions are noticed.

It is always The Intention that matters.

I may fail, I may mess up, but if my intention was good and pure then things will right themselves. I believe we are guided in the spirit realm especially if we ask for help. I always tell my friends that often God's greatest gifts come in the heaviest disguises.

How many times I have wanted something SO badly only to realise looking back it was not in my best interests. Things which can appear as disasters to us at the time can turn out later to be blessings in disguise!

Likewise, sometimes we are given what we thought we wanted only to discover it did not make us happy. When these things happen there is always a major life lesson attached.

So often, especially lately in my life, I have seen Spirit intervening. This may mean a change of plan, an unexpected surprise, a happy 'coincidence'.

It can also occur as a series of heartbreaks and disappointments. This is what happened to me. However, the more I realise that there is a SPIRITUAL PURPOSE to EVERYTHING that happens to me, the closer I become to God, because I know he has his hand on me.

Trusting in Divine Plan

I am learning to trust in a Divine Plan. When several doors are closed to us it is usually a sign that the direction in which we were heading was not in our soul's best interests. Great treasure can be found in unexpected places and a fountain of creativity can spring from what we thought was a barren wasteland!

Difficulties are opportunities to better things,
they are stepping stones to greater experience.
Perhaps some day you will be thankful
for some temporary failure in a particular direction.
When one door closes,
another always opens,
as a natural law it has to be, to balance.
~ Brian Adams (from 'How to Succeed') ~

Actually, we have no problems -
we have opportunities for which we should give thanks…
An error we refuse to correct has many lives.
It takes courage to face one's own shortcomings
and wisdom to do something about them.
~ Edgar Cayce ~

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Desert Blooms
He brought me flowers from the desert
And gold from out the dark
Held me up when I was falling
Gave me back my "bark!"

I just had not eyes to see this
Too much pain involved
But that is the enigma
That's why I was called!

To know these disappointments
To stumble in the mist
To feel my heart wrenched from my chest
To ask why I exist?

He's hollowed out a depth in me
That I would never've known
Forged a new compassion
I know my soul has grown!
He burned away the dross in me
Opened up my heart...
Then brought me flowers from the desert
And gold from out the dark.

Alison Stormwolf, 2004

We are taught that looking 'within' is akin to evil and/or that our inner wisdom is not to be trusted because we are 'mere flesh' and that sin is 'of the flesh'. This teaching makes us "unworthy" and aims to disempower us, to distance us from our own power and worthiness - in effect making us power-less. 

I believe our souls, before incarnation or reincarnation, chose the lessons it needed to learn and decided how best to achieve this aim through people and circumstances, geography and parents and siblings and friends and inherited gifts as well.

God gave us free will and so we operate freely (within the bounds of the life we have chosen).

The poem further below, Dialogue with Spirit below, came to me one night as I lay deeply depressed in the darkness, questioning the reasons for my very existence. I had lost everything (apart from my children) which gave me joy, comfort or self esteem. The void of bleak terror that took hold of me was paralysing in its intensity. In total despair I cried the questions out loud to what I presumed was empty space.

It was a sort of question and answer session, and the end result was the awareness I was NOT alone. I was a part of the 'Family of Man.' We ALL suffer, we ALL go through dark times. The realisation gave me much needed strength at that particular time as I thought of all those who were so much worse off than me. It sounds simple enough... obvious enough... but to me at that time, it was a revelation and the way the answers came to me were comforting in the extreme.

I realised then that I wanted to help those who felt the same sense of terrifying isolation, those who felt all avenues were blocked, all hope gone. Those who had become SO depleted by life or depression that anything other than the mental act of thinking was too much effort. Such is the agony of depression. Friends will tell you lovingly, "If you ever feel like that again, give me a call", not realising that when we DO feel like that, a call is too much effort which is accompanied by the feeling of not being worth it anyway.

The Law Of Grace

I have been taught the hard way. Again and again the invisible realms came to my aid, albeit often at the last minute. Again and again I told myself that "it may have been the case before but THIS TIME things are different! Like a wayward child I have been chastised then comforted. It has birthed such a thankfulness in my soul, such a knowing of the inherent love flowing through the universe!

This is not 'airy fairy' talk.

This is the plain and simple Truth, spoken by someone who has wrestled with suicidal impulses so strong, it is a miracle I am still here. I speak more about that devastating condition in Healing Depression, and suffice to say, my life has become living testimony to Divine Intervention.

I still have my doubts and fears, I still wonder where my path is going to end. One thing I do not doubt in any shape or form, is that Divine Intervention and The Law Of Grace is a spiritual reality, operating in all our lives... and the way to increase the flow is to have thanks-giving in your heart for ALL the blessings you have been given, even for those that come as seeming challenges and disasters.

It is a Universal Law that what we focus on, we attract (The Law of Manifestation). If we are focused on fearing whatever may come, we are sending a strong message to the Universe to send us whatever we fear.

Instead, if we can learn a holistic approach to healing and get ourselves into feelings of joy, love, appreciation, or gratitude, and focus on bringing more of that into our lives, we are going to avoid the negative stuff automatically (Creating Your Own Reality).

Let us then focus, on our blessings, big and small, then stand back in amazement
and humbleness of spirit as our Heavenly Father fills our cup to overflowing


Dialogue With Spirit
I asked myself in the darkness
"Why do I live?"

A voice replied
"It was your choice"

"How can that be?
I would have chosen very differently to this!"

"You had the chance, you chose

"Surely, once chosen and lessons learnt
I can cross the road and walk in another direction?"

"No, you cannot!
We have more to do than cater to the whims of human nature"

"But I have learned my lesson, I CAN change!"

"Then do so, but within this life span.
The sun rises; the sun sets
your soul rises, your soul sets."

"Time is not linear as you see it,
we grieve with you in your suffering
but we rejoice in the advancement of your soul...
Close your physical eyes
Open your spiritual perception

Your sorrows and challenges
Are your gifts from The Spirit"

Do not withdraw and curse them.
Embrace humanity, your pain and live.

Enter the Tornado and find the centre of calm
Confront your shadow side and welcome it home
into the whole being that you created.

Dive deeply into your torment
Till the coldness and the blackness
and the host of horrors almost stops your heart
and you cannot see the exit sign...

Then accept it all as part of yourself.
Open your door
and welcome in your Prodigal Child
the one you banished many years ago
because they did not fit in
to your immature and limited thinking.
Your desire to belong, fit in
blend in insignificance,

Hide your Glory.

You embrace the suffering of the human condition.

In doing so,
nothing more can scare you.
You are part of it…..it is part of you.
Become whole again, fragmentation is not our way.
The under-privileged beggar is you.
As is the infested tramp
or the urine soaked 'wino' behind the garbage bins...

We share the web in different disguises.
Do not judge...
Sometimes Angels accept the heaviest burdens.
When you cry, we suffer;
Murder is a loss to all, regardless of colour or creed"

Then I answered....

"Take me in your arms and rock me
and I will cry out with a loud voice
that will shake the mountains
and echo over the arid plains...
till my body is exhausted and my arms are bruised.
For all the injustices done to men and animals
past, present and future.

It may not bring them back, restore their dignity
but the love behind the action,
The intention of my heart

May make the stones weep
Or the hunter lay down his spear!"


Go inwards in the stillness
and access your inner warrior
waiting only for your call.

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