Inspirational Wisdom Quotes on Depression, Difficulties, Emotional Pain

It is my confirmed belief that we are on this earth to evolve our souls. We are spiritual beings who have taken on flesh and blood to experience that which could not be earned in the higher realms of Spirit.

When young I thought that life was meant to be fun. Many still think along these lines but the truth is that life is meant to challenge us for growth. No unpruned rose grows into its innate magnificence... so too do we need to submit to the pruning of our beings by the Higher power.

It carves out a depth in us that means we are capable of holding more joy, compassion and wisdom. Yes, a gift... albeit in very heavy disguise.


It is when the night comes
we face ourselves naked
stripped of cloaks of illusion.
That is where true healing begins
Deep, deep down I found a well in me,
constructed in my youth,
full of the stagnant water of guilt , pain,
rejection, self doubt.
Oh, the discovery was terrible,
the owning of it very hard.
That is where enlightenment begins.
I never asked for depression to afflict me,
now I see it as the gift in disguise.
Depression strips away
all that is not for our greatest good.
Depression allowed me to see my brothers and sisters
in a new light of compassion.
When the world seems to have lost all colour,
go into the silence.
Ask what it is you need to know.
Emerge changed.
I have been forged in the fire...
God cared enough to do that for me.
Depression is often the key
that unlocks creativity.
In the night of my soul
I reached up to the light.
No great growth comes without deep struggle.
Total despair urges us to cry for mercy,
that cry opens doors.
The world became an alien environment.
Shrieking silently for mercy I roamed
pleading, begging in the dark.
Such passion is never ignored.
Depression isolates us from the trivialities of the world
so that our re-emergence
will be bold, renewed, powerful.
The flames of transformation are agony.
The end result?
New found knowledge of our inner strength.
The darkness
could not hold me.
In the darkness
came teachings.
I learned to surrender completely
my vanity, my face to the world.
In that crisis I prayed.

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Excerpt from "Silk Road" - An Enchanted Evening by Kitaro