Holistic Approach To Healing


To my mind, to really understand healing, the causes of illness and the ways to cure involve the acceptance of the totality of the human body as consisting of several inter-penetrating layers of energy - each one vibrating at a different frequency and each one directly connected to other realms of existence that deal with that level of vibration.

Yogic philosophy talks of 'Koshas' which mean sheaths. In their philosophy there are five koshas... in others there are seven layers. We can like ourselves to an onion. Each Kosha is directly related to the chakra subtle energy wheels of power in our subtle bodies.

It has been my personal experience to validate this. See Astral Travelling & Out Of Body Experiences. This has allowed me to understand about illness and how it relates to imbalances and blockages in the subtle energy bodies.

I work on that level to address problems on those levels. By the time it has filtered down into your physical, it has been around you for a while.
You may also have had many warnings from your higher self too in the form of dreams , or in anxiety states and depression, which to my thinking are usually caused by a 'damming up' of energy in certain subtle bodies that act as warning signs to our 'selves', and if we do not listen to the whisperings of our spirits or if we drown them out with alcohol, food, work, sex or whatever your chosen avenue of escape is, it harms the physical organism in the end.
Our physical body exists in the grosser, denser realms but we have other bodies that co-exist and are outside and larger than the physical. Different schools of thought claim different levels or names for these bodies, but they are basically agreeing to what mystics and clairvoyants have known for many hundreds of years.

This photo of me taken, with a very ordinary web cam, shows my aura in amazing clarity. As you can see, it starts off as a sort of gold colour and then changes to light purple. These are the colours of the crown chakra and it is most unusual to see the aura being caught on ordinary film like this.
It also demonstrates the outward levels of being that exist.

When I scan a person prior to a healing session I feel this energy field through my hands which can sense how far away or close to the body it lies (depending on many things),

Illness, lack of vitality and spiritual enlightenment affect the emanations of the subtle bodies and this is what I gauge my healing on.

Taking Responsibility For Your Own Health

The question, "do you really WANT to be healed?" elicits the strong response,"Of course I want to be healed!" But, before rushing in with this answer, it pays to examine your lifestyle, your relationships, your place of work, your home environment... in fact, everything pertaining to YOU.

I speak about certain ways of being healed in my Reiki and Crystal Healing pages.

In the western world, we do not want to make any sacrifices. We are basically spoiled. OK, that's not true? When was the last time YOU had to walk for 20 miles to collect drinking water to carry home to your family? (Africa)

How would it be if your baby was aborted by lethal injection at eight months gestation by government officials because you already have a child? (Happening as we read, in China)

We have become horribly complacent. We look to others to instill values in our children, support us if we feel we have been "traumatised" by events, protect our "rights!"

Would you really want to be healed of what ailed you if you were told you MUST stop smoking / drinking / hating the person who "ripped you off!"

Healing is not as we view it in the west. You have a complaint... you go to the doctor... he gives you a prescription. ... and if that does not work? Well, he does not know his job, does he?

The Holistic View Of Healing - Mind, Body & Spirit

Healing, (as a very good friend of mine expresses), is a 'co-creative ritual'. In other words, to really desire deep healing is not a passive decision. It requires active participation on your part!

It is easy to sneer at Christian conventions when somebody seems to be miraculously 'cured' of their ailment. I have no doubt at all that they were! Trouble is, they have then to "walk out their healing" That means they have to re-affirm every day (affirmation) that the illness has gone (positive thinking) and make the necessary life changes in thinking, attitude, thanksgiving and habits to ensure it does not return. (lifestyle changes)

Instead of doing that... they look on it like so many other things as a 'quick fix' and when the symptoms return... they feel righteous indignation.

I have thought long and hard about such matters. I have to (as the Buddhists recommend) take the middle road in everything here. I do believe we are responsible for a huge amount of ill health we bring upon ourselves through wrong thinking, acting, eating, etc.

However, I always steer away from those who claim to have all the answers. So many children suffer in different ways. So many loving people do too. I am simply saying that in healing we have to take as active a part in our own recovery as possible. I do not, nor would ever, add to somebody's misery by stating that their illness is 'all their own fault!' It simply is not always so.

Just as there are several different energy bodies inter-penetrating one another - emotional body, mental body, etc; so healing can take place predominantly in one body. However, due to the inter-connectiveness of the entire organism, any healing affects the other bodies. If it is sufficiently powerful, it will heal through resonance. If it is not powerful enough? It will gradually re-assume the level before the healing vibration.

The mystics of old, the saints, the 'special people' we read about were no different to us. I always enjoyed reading the biographies of so many of them. Most were anything but 'saintly' in their younger lives. What they all share was that they were 'over-comers.' Not necessarily of the world, not necessarily of their physical health... but ALWAYS of themselves.

Wake up and claim that magnificence as your own!

Understanding the Dynamics of Energy

There are certain conditions where conventional medicine is not the answer. Sickness in the soul cannot be cured by pills. If we accept that the human being is a spirit within a body then we are more able to understand spiritual ailments. I believe that the person is made up of several 'bodies', each one of a finer vibrational energy than the other.

This is the basis of many different forms of 'holistic' healing. By the time an illness has worked its way into the denser physical level, we have probably had it for a while. Ever notice how a large energy depletion often precedes the flu?

When we are very involved with someone, we form psychic ties to that person. These can be good. In an equally loving relationship there is a two-way street of loving, supportive energy to the person most in need. If this becomes unbalanced, the needy person can sap all the energy out of the giver. This is termed Psychic Vampirism. It sounds dramatic but it is very common.

It can also be dramatically demonstrated by Kirlian photography, which captures the electromagnetic field round our bodies on film.

Examples of KirlianPhotography

This demonstrates that everything has an etheric counterpart that remains as a cosmic blue print if you like.
auric field of fingertip 1

Kirlian photo of the auric field of a fingertip 1
auric field of fingertip 2
Kirlian photo of the auric field of a fingertip 2

This is known as the phantom leaf phenomenon, It may prove that an energy body exists even after the physical body is destroyed, hence the existence of some ghosts. This might explain why most people can still feel a limb after an amputation.

kirlian leaf with halo
Leaf with halo effect of the electromagnetic field.

kirlian stalk
The green part of the leaf was then torn away, leaving just the stalk and photographed again. As you can see, there remains a luminous outline of the leaf.

A healthy person has a strong, vibrant aura (elecro-magnetic sheath) around them. This is their 'bubble of protection' and serves several different functions for the vibrant functioning of the body.

Many things can adversely affect this and lead to a weakness and subsequent depletion that will manifest as illness eventually. Mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.

My Personal Healing Experience

At one time in my life I came to a sudden stop. A series of life events following some years of intense struggle and heartache. had left me so depleted that one day I did not really have the energy to get out of bed.

A very traumatic experience of loss left me feeling like half of me was missing. It was just like I was bleeding to death on the subtle realm and I felt like I had quite literally been torn in half!

I needed to find someone who understood and could help, and I was guided to just such a person. Jason maintained that almost all my life force had left me and it was such a relief to be able to explain exactly how I was feeling and to know that not only did he understand, but, being a vibrational healer, he could discern it on the subtler planes. (visit his website - Sacred Way)

This person saved me. To say he saved my life is probably true. He gave me back not only my energy, but also my will to live. Through him, I realised just how far I had wandered off my true Path, away from the things and people who would bring me true joy and happiness. I needed to find the person I was, the person I had left behind all those years ago in childhood. To re-discover the wonder and richness in the simple things of life, things that money cannot buy.

I did not realise it then of course, but I was being primed for service. When I recovered it was with an awakened soul. One that would bring something out of a dark place and share my experiences through writing and poetry. I was brought by the spirit to Janara who has gifted me this web site and from the ashes of a former life has arisen a different person with a different mission -

  • I realised that the power for all things lay inside myself. That my inner voice which had tried to whisper of self empowerment was right all along.
  • • That I was indeed a spirit inside a body just as I had discovered about aged 8 years when I suddenly awakened to the fact that the "I "that looks out of my eyes, is the real me... not the body I inhabit. I awoke to my spiritual nature although it would be another ten years before the next major milestone.
  • I realised why I had the connection to so many things like nature and animals.
  • That everything is simply vibration and the only things separating one level from another is rate.
  • That trees really did have personalities and that the whole created universe was held together by a unique vibration and it is divine love. 
  • That I was finally coming into alignment with my soul and soul purpose on the earth and that is to help and heal others by sharing and spiritual healing.

So many of the happenings in the past made sense to me. I saw everything from a different perspective and I decided I was going to help others uncover their rightful selves. This was no easy task as so many are almost buried under years or generations of conditioning. "... And above all -

To thine own self be true,
And it must follow,
As the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man."
~ William Shakespeare (from Hamlet) ~

True riches cannot ever be bought. I am richer now beyond compare due to the people who are crossing my path.

So, What Can We Do?

True healing is an on-going process. A constant stripping away of the veils of illusion which keep us prisoners of limited thinking and worn out negative thought patterns.

"What you resist, persists."

We need to reprogramme our cerebral computers with new up to the minute software. If something has made us ill in the past and we have not learned from it, it will simply repeat the process in the future.

"Unless you start doing something different,
you are in for more of the same."

The more we work on ourselves peeling back the layers of our conditioning like an onion, the more liberated our minds become to new and exciting spiritual realities.

"Whatever a person's mind dwells on
intensely and with firm resolve,
that is exactly what he becomes."
~ Shankaracharya ~

I really do feel for those people who remain SO bound by conventional thinking that they are unable to even consider that what they have been taught (programmed with) is not the Truth. Those people have allowed themselves to become totally dis-empowered! Like worker ants with a collective consciousness. But, this is not our natural state of being! Just because something has "always been done that way" does not automatically give it the stamp of Truth!

Wake up and uncover your radiant inner light before it is too late!

We have the power within us as manifesters to make huge changes for the better in our lives and health by a change in our thinking. See See Creating Your Own Reality and The Law Of Manifestation.

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