Inspirational Wisdom Quotes on Inner Peace

Inner peace is the greatest gift we could ever ask for.

So many think they will be happy when... but the truth is that without inner peace, we have nothing ... nothing. It is so precious that we often do not realise until we lose it. I have come to value it above all else.


I retired to solitude
And was surrounded by support.
Withdraw yourself
from the never ending masquerade of life.
Go within,
there you will find your treasure.
Save me from those who have their minds set in steel.
Steel by its nature is grey, unyielding, and barren….. Cold.
Inner peace is your comfort blanket
your shield against the follies of this world.

To wake at dawn with peace in your heart
Is richness this world cannot bestow.

At close of day, knowing you gave your all
bestows peace in the heart
elevating your consciousness
to the realm beyond thought.
In solitude I found myself.
The beating of my heart
reminds me I live...
in the silence
I know I am.
When the world threatens to flood my barricades,
I run to my centre, my calm, my bliss.
Never look for comfort from without...
all true joy is found within.
I did not understand
the richness of inner peace
until I lost it.
Take from me anything.
Material possessions are worthless,
just leave me with inner peace.
I never knew joy of that magnificence,
Until I breastfed my first born.
In all my healing prayers,
inner peace is top of the list.
What can we not achieve
if we have inner peace?
Inner peace is oxygen to the spirit.

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Excerpt from "Silk Road" - An Enchanted Evening by Kitaro