Poems On The Shamanic Path

A collection of poetry by Alison Stormwolf of a shamanic nature - firewalking, prayers, sweat lodge, ceremony. The Shaman travels in 'non-ordinary reality' with the beat of the drum.


Hear me in the song I sing
Estranged but connected still
Here am I coming towards you now
Singing, singing in the red dawn
Sharing the connection
Yes your crows already told you
My people descended into drink too
Spirituality thwarted is agonising

Throw aside my skin
It no longer seves me
See my fur glistening in the frost
Hear my beating heart for you
Let us enter Grandmother together
That would be my greatest joy.
In The Paths of my Totem
Intuition and insight
Comes to me as a thunder bolt
Shaking my foundations
And loosing my grip
On what I thought was security

My stubbornness cries "no
Not this time!"
But the small voice always wins in the end
Often by then it is too late

Some follow others
Some make their own tracks in virgin snow
Everyone to their own road

I narrow my eyes
Sniff the wind
Then move.
Wise Womane
Something whispered
In my subtle ear
And I tried
To brush it away
But experience has taught me
To listen
To the whispers
What affliction sets me apart
And high jacks my peace?

Daughter of the storms am I
Sister to the dogs that roam
Seeking shelter,
Seeking home
'Ancient Mother'
Calling always calling
In my bones.
More new poems coming soon...

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