Poems On Friendship, Friends

A collection of friendship poems about friendship, spanning the emotional range of love, loyalty and devotion between friends.

They say we can chose our friends but not our relations, and this in many ways is true. I have taught my children that in order to have good friends. we have first got to be a good friend. I am blessed that my friends have often been in my life from early years or at least from the ago of 17. I also make new friends and can honestly state that several do not share my world views, and that's alright. We can become too complacent if nobody ever challenges us.

Friends add great richness to life, and nowadays with the internet we can have friends in countries all over the world. I cherish my friends and am grateful that they are in my life.

"A friend accepts us in our inconsistencies
peaks and troughs and all ways
It takes time to prove yourself a friend
It has to be earned
not given lightly"
Alison Stormwolf


Come and lay your head on my lap
for there is equal measures of comfort to be found
As ire and passion
in this flawed vessel I will stroke those fears into submission
Laugh those torments into oblivion
Sing a new song
into your tired heart of pain.

Come to my fire and be soothed
The dancing flames
Will reach into your cold frame
Reminding you of your core of warmth
When this world confronts, confuses and constricts you
Then shall my wings overreach you
Protection, shelter, understanding
Beating heart
Steady, reliable
Bitter, angry words
Striking out and hurting
those I love… Such a fool
making judgements
Wrong decisions

Self hatred
Colouring my mind
No escape

Foolish pride
Ruining my tomorrows
blinding my eyes

Take my soul
for it cannot stand
to live in this prison

Only you
really understand my
contained spirit

Reaching out
asking your forgiveness
one last time.....
Colorado Springs
He is a slow deep river
That twists and turns in agony
Of each new bend…
He knows he is sea bound
At times he wishes
The sea was in sight

A long journey from that
Brash young spring
In the mountains
Many rapids navigated
But now
He wants the soft flow
Of emotions unimpeded

I watch that relentless current
Moving him onward, slowly
the changing landscape
Has awakened the depth in him
so now he sees with both
The superficial vision
Of the shallow brook
And the stony depths of
The side whirl pools
Going round and getting nowhere

And in all this
He is wise
More new poems coming soon...

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