So He asked me
Are you prepared to die for love?"
and I answered
"For what better reason could I shed my skin?"

He asked me
"Can you suffer that agony a second time?"
I answered
"A second time, a thousand!
For, although it was almost the destruction of me
So, also, was it my making."

How deeply, deeply have I loved
Such passion have I known
The like of which I had not realised
Could be experienced...

I suffered in equal measure, yes, that's true
But, oh! how my inner blossoming 
Engaged my spirit, 
How totally alive have I been! 

He asked me
"Are you ready now
To have your heart's desire?"

I answered
"So much love have I to give
I will take my chance with fate...
I may descend to hell
But I will see heaven once more
Before I die."

He smiled...
I knew
I answered well...
, 08
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xxxxxxxxxxx - Alison Stormwolf

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