The Last Bend In The Road

(A poem written for my mother who is 92 years old, as I see her coming to the end of her Earth Walk.)
"Rage, rage against the dying of the light"
- Dylan Thomas

You will not 'go gently'..
Life is cruel in its progression but
the outer reflection lies.
There is a core of steel and wisdom
in that increasingly frail frame.

You weathered many storms.

Tenacity and gentleness combined,
crucifies and humbles
the soul in me.
You will never be old in my eyes.
You remain
the young woman with the straight back
resolute in determination,
dignified in a rare way.

A true lady.

As the hour glass empties
and shadows lengthen...
In my inner vision
I am still out climbing trees
or moon watching,
secure in belonging;

there will be a meal on the table
a hand knitted jumper for school.

If love was enough to stop the reel

that would be a freeze frame.

I am trusting Our Father

to be kind to you now

on the home stretch
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The Last Bend In The Road - Alison Stormwolf

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