Poems On Broken Hearts, Heartache & Lost Love

A collection of inspirational poetry by Alison Stormwolf about broken hearts, broken dreams, lost love, past relationships, wounded hearts and heartache.


Lost Advice
Get a life! Move on!
All the usual advice
That flies over my head
How CAN I explain?
How can I get through?
Without him beside me
I'd rather be dead

Well it's dead that I am
In my heart and my mind
But I keep up pretence
Because all that I find
Are those who feel now
I have SO much to give
When they don't understand,
That my reason to live
Was lost on that day
When I waved my goodbyes
At the airport in Houston
To my dreams and desires

He is lost to me now
And lost he'll remain
And the only thing living
Is my sense of real pain.
Jobs Comforters
All the times they tell me
Never slow to enlighten me
You weren't there
"He never really loved you"
"If he had, he would never
Have left you to sink
Into the Black Mire."
I do not understand it either
I only know you loved me
No matter how many people
Since then, have done their best
To reassure me it was not so.
I looked into your eyes
And accessed your soul
You did the same to me
What more do we need to know?

Our actions are at times
Influenced by external forces
I only know I loved you
This was not meant for publication
Only as a heart felt tribute
To the greatest happiness I ever knew

My arms around your neck
Walking in the forest
Or along the sea front
Together and happy.
Evidence for the Prosecution
You weren't there when you should have been
You weren't there
When I told everyone you would be!
My night in shining amour
Became rusty overnight
My soul mate forgot he had another half!

Oh how I wish you had been there!
Through all the terrors and the pain
When life had lost all meaning
And my mind was in distress
And I wandered as a ghost

I always thought that you would be
'The One' to sleigh the dragon
To raise me from the fiery pit
And rock me back to health
Safe in your arms

You weren't there in the cold dawn
Warm arms wrapped around me.
It was not your car I heard
As I staggered to the window
Eyes swollen from grief and loss

The voice I heard through sedation
In the hospital, was not yours
You were not arriving
To take me to lunch
My longing's cruel trick

I would have walked on broken glass
Stared Medusa in the face
Starved and suffered just to know
You were alright, not left your side
From daybreak to daybreak

Oh God! No matter how I view it

No matter how I try to analyze

Your sudden withdrawal from my loving world

The facts speak for themselves

You weren't there!
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