Inspirational Motivational Poems on Love & Life

Motivational poetry, deep and meaningful inspirational poetry by Alison Stormwolf to motivate, inspire, uplift & brighten. Spiritual poems. Poems about love, life, friendship, faith and hope.


Clearing the Mist
I went roaming in a strange land
Where angels dressed as sinners
and whores were as saints
They challenged me to expose them
Dis-robe the usurpers
Lay waste to their claims for greatness
Or spiritual inferiority
Oh, how I applied myself to that sacred task!
But in the doing so
I found such inconsistencies!
Such 'giving' from the 'wrong' side
Such 'judgement' from the right!
My meagre wordly mind
Was thrown into the abyss of the confused.
Hypocrisy abounds, humility in short supply
Then was I told
To truly love
Without constraints of who? or why?
Colour or religion
Simply the God given surge of energy and caring
through your bones of "beyond thought"
There shall you find your contentment
There shall your tent be pitched.
For Love wears no clothes
He does not come in suitable attire
He dons the garment of your hearts desire
He changes lives but does not change intention.
So, in all things be glad
For what you see as your weakness
Will so soon be your strength
and the mists of your thinking
Will become the laser beam of your reality
Nightime Companion
Slumber took me by the hand
Down, down into his inky depths
Of mindlessness and peace,
I was so happy that I wept
Tears of joy, for my release!

From a clockwork world
Which numbed my brain
Colouring my thinking
Into shades of muddy grey..
Gladly I released the day!

Slumber sat till streaks of dawn
Darted 'cross the morning sky
Never left my side a moment
All those long, dark, silent, hours
At first light he woke me with a smile
To see a little glimmer, shining
In my sad and empty eyes...
Then so silently he slipped away
As he departs,
Once more I rise!
'Midnight', dancer of the dark hours,
Bridge between worlds and realities, old and new
Swallower of divulged regrets and unfinished schemes;
Inky black night, obscuring visions, orphaning rational thoughts,
Bringer of sleep's deep potion, surrenderrer of another day's dreams…..
I lie back in your sweet arms of night-time, eagerly awaiting another few hours!
'Come now!' in your splendour and majesty, kissing the dark places, bringing growth
Come now! Spirit of the Bat! Moon Goddess, Creeper in the Silence
Where only YOU can see, in Joy-full awakening, come now!
My dark heart surrenders to your black void of stillness
The dawn will be my awakening beyond all words
So Midnight come now! with your dark cloak
Wrap around my hurting spirit
Soothe me with your song
Bathe me in dark bliss
Caress me, love me
Stroke my eyelids
Breathe me
Become me
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