My True Poem

Poetry expresses what lies within,
fearing neither ridicule nor scorn.
Un-leashing emotions too vibrant
to be contained beneath a sterile façade.

To dive so deeply into the psyche
and refuse come up for air
until the treasure is retrieved.

Deflect the blows of mediocrity
or those who would surreptitiously
steal the sun from my strangled sky.

To risk all to bring a shining shard
of inner light to darkness…
by laying my carcass in mid-day heat
for carrion prey.

In great distress I retrieved my diary,
blurred ink, mildewed and useless,
from my cellar.

All those years

Then I saw,
in blinding illumination

My life has been my truest poem.
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xxxxxxxxxxx - Alison Stormwolf

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