Hewn In Rock

A day to remember

We climbed the hill
in breathless strides
our hands were clasped together,
we cared not for the slippery paths
nor dark and stormy weather.

I stood outlined
by rough-hewn rock
where once, a window framed
the endless home of watery myths
and rocky bays, untamed.

On turning, smiling,
to your face
at once I was transfixed
by such a look I'd never known...
it seemed we were bewitched.

We kissed among
the grey clad skies
with hearts in tandem, spellbound.
Our love was sealed, in flagrant need
upon the muddy ground.

We've left the cliff
and gone our ways
but know, whatever ails you
I shared that love shown on your face

I'm here, if life ere fails you.
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Hewn In Rock - Alison Stormwolf

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