Authentic Power, Self-Empowerment, Soul Evolution


Our Soul Evolution

Understanding the meaning and importance of living in our Authentic Power, and living it, is surely one of the most loving things we can do for ourselves and the world in this day and age. It is part of our soul evolution. It is the difference between living consciously and living unconsciously. It is the difference between self-empowerment and dis-empowerment. It is the difference between pain and happiness, suppression and freedom. It is the difference between spiritual growth or stagnation.

Who We Are & Why We Are Here

We are born into the world as Divine Beings (God Consciousness) incarnating for the purpose of Experience in physical form. This experience can take many lifetimes. We take our soul seed with us, which becomes richer with each successive lifetime of lessons and teachings. When we are born into the earth experience, we step down our higher vibration to a lower vibration to accommodate linear time and experience via the 'five senses'. In doing this, we put on the veil of forgetfulness and 'forget' who we truly are. The world of the material and of the five senses is illusory. It is all merely an illusion. The material world is temporary, yet we are Eternal. Each successive lifetime brings experiences to us that eventually help us remember who we are and brings us closer and closer to our final life-time when we can step off the 'wheel of karma' and return to our Source.

The very fact that we re-incarnate shows us that we still have lessons to learn. Those who no longer need those lessons are 'transcendent'. They have in fact left the 'wheel of karma' and entered into a superior state from which they no longer need to return, but may do so if they wish, for the purpose of being in service.

Read The Little Soul & The Sun by Neale Donald Walsch for further understanding of this concept.

The Great Deception

As just stated, we are on this earth to evolve our souls, and part of the soul's evolution is to re-discover the Power ingrained in us. Organised religion over the last couple of millenia has taught us the very opposite. Jesus spoke Truth. The church (mostly catholic) in many instances became corrupt and subdued the people, twisting the teachings and words of Jesus who taught empowerment, by forcing the belief that we are separate from god, that we have no power, and that we are 'born' sinners with salvation being the only 'way', and that anything else will reap eternal damnation by a wrathful needy god (whilst saying that God is Love). This has instilled fear, and has discouraged us from being the truly powerful beings that we are! This is the GREAT DECEPTION!

Soul Awakening
I never viewed myself
like this before
Just as poverty slips on you
Like night time's caress
So a different way of being
Is draped on you too
Divorcing me from the person
I identified with
(For all we as
unawakened souls ever do is
'identifying with')
Transported from one chapter
To another
Never totally realising
The turning of the page
My personal script is so funny
Tragic and larger than life…
Like me

Thankfully I can laugh
And do so often
In ratio to my tears
For 'mediocre'
Was never my calling
So if I am going to fail
I will do it with gusto
And my successes leave doubters
Open mouthed

And that is the way
I like it
That was my Path

That is
My Passion

Alison Stormwolf, 2004

We are taught that looking 'within' is akin to evil and/or that our inner wisdom is not to be trusted because we are 'mere flesh' and that sin is 'of the flesh'. This teaching makes us "unworthy" and aims to disempower us, to distance us from our own power and worthiness - in effect making us power-less. 

Our Tue Power is our God Consciousness. Were we not "created in the image of God"? The "image of God" is not meant to be taken as merely a physical form, but as the "consciousness" that God is - LOVE and Limit-less-ness. It is the nature of God that we were created in, not a physical form!

The Wisdom Is Within You, Not Without

When we rely on or believe that someone else (including "God") has all the power, this makes us power-less to affect our lives in the way that we choose. When we do not commune with our inner wisdom (Divine Intelligence) we live 'unconsciously' and in this state we create pain for ourselves. However, when we are living "consciously" this means that we listen to and trust our inner voice and inner wisdom and make our decisions based on that. We are basing our behaviours on the whispers of our soul. Our soul has a higher and wider view than we as humans do.

I wish to state categorically that I am not anti-church. I believe in Jesus and the many millions of good people who do too. I am simply stating that we need at some point to stop and ask ourselves how much we 'know' is truth and how much have we just accepted because we were always told those things.

It is so easy to just adapt to social conditioning, but it is very bad for the soul in you, it doesn't allow for growth. I believe that every single person alive needs to examine their belief systems as a matter of urgency. You see, it's all to do with "waking up!". Realising your lives could be gone in a second. Nobody knows what their time span is. This is crucial to being alive in the moment.

Think of all the trials you have endured. If you do not realise the power behind it you will leave this world no more evolved than that new born babe.

Living Our Authentic Power

Living our Authentic Power means listening to the voice within, regardless of the pressure of social conditioning or any authority or peer group belief systems. You are a unique individual and have your own path to traverse. Your path is not necessarily the path of others. 

It is the voice within that knows best for us and will always guide is in the right direction for our soul evolution. Honouring this inner wisdom means that we are aligning our human selves with our souls, for the purpose of spiritual growth. It means that we are being who we truly are - a magnificent spark of the Creative Force. Anything less than this is a chaining of the soul, and will create pain.

We are powerful beyond our wildest dreams but we do not know it. New times are coming. I have seen it for many years. We are now in the 'NEW AGE', a term that has unfortunately become synonymous with freaky ideals and lots of dubious thinking.

The 'New' Consciousness of Self-Empowerment

Like it or not , times are a'changing and we are now collectively shaking off the old consciousness of disconnection, separate-ness and unworthiness like a dog shakes off water. We are transiting from the Age of Pisces into the "Age Of Aquarius". The ways of the last couple of thousand years were deep in dis-empowerment and separate-ism. How does this separate-ism and disconnection look? It is the taught belief that God is a "separate being" "out there", looking down on "you" the other separate being, a "born sinner" on a "separate earth", ready to smite you forever with his (? who ever said it was a he?) finger at your slightest indiscretion. This is powerlessness!

Many ancient teachings that we are part of a "symbiotic whole" became 'occult' (meaning hidden) because of the paranoia, false teachings and persecutions by the 'established' church . This made people scared to continue to embrace this knowledge. Many paid the price for esoteric study in the flames at the stake. So did tens of thousands of innocent people, (many kindly souls who offered healing services to impoverished people) during the witch persecutions of the dark ages.

I am not saying that there are not occult practices that are very dark and dangerous. I am saying that anyone who is operating from authentic power knows that the power in us of goodness is almighty and superior in every way. The church hierarchy has always been about controlling the populace through fear. That is becoming very obvious now with the disclosure of the rampant child abuse and corruption going all the way to the very echelons of established religion in all denominations but mostly the Catholic church.

The world is currently in the grip of very dark forces. They have become openly manifest in the everyday, due to their time running short. There is an agenda by Luciferians to corrupt our children and all those easily led. This is when we are called to be vigilant.

"Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves:
be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves".
Mathew 10.16

The new consciousness is simply a revival of 'ancient knowledge' that has been suppressed by external power-mongers and forced to go underground till it was almost all but forgotten. External power doesn't work and it is destructive - just take a look at the world around you! But this external power consciousness is now crumbling and is making way for the new consciousness, which states that "True Power is within you". This is what Jesus really taught - self-empowerment. He taught we came from the Father and are part of Him. We have power inside us, bequeathed as a gift from our Creator.

Little children, you are from God
and have overcome them,
for he who is in you is greater
than he who is in the world.
1 John 4.4

It is now time to Reclaim Your Power! Listen to your Inner Wisdom. The answers you seek lie inside of you!

Go inwards in the stillness
and access your inner warrior
waiting only for your call.

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