"Spiritual Poems For The Awakening Soul

A collection of Inspirational spirituality poems from the level of Spirit and Soul. Poetry from Spirit, of Spirit, for the awakening soul - sacred inspirational writings, profound, deep and true.


Meditation On Self
Who am I?
I am not my name
For my name was bestowed on me by others

Who am I?
I am not my body
For my body is of the earth and to the earth returns

Who am I?
I am not my reflection
That is just a fleeting mirror image of my vessel.

Who am I?
I am not my thoughts
For my thoughts are changing as the seasons

Who am I?
I am not my actions
For actions can be disguises to fool others.

Who am I?
I am not my emotions
My emotions swing like a weathercock in the wind.

I am eternal energy, God's child
And a priceless piece of the jigsaw!
Spirit Guide
It's not so much I want to die
I'm just so tired of living
I give so much that's not returned
I just got tired of giving

Oh, place your head upon my knees
And I will stroke your hair
I'll take away those doubts and fears
You'll see I really care

I know you mean the best for me
I know that you mean well
But you cannot see into my heart
Or mind, where I'm in hell!

I know I just look on my dear
I know you suffer so
With all my will and all my might
I'll make those demons go

I get so weary all the time
I lie in dead of night
Tormented by my foolish fears
And am I wrong or right?

You lie alone, of that I know
And oft your heart is seared
By all the trials, all the pains
So many nightmares, feared

In all that's true
You know me well
You strive to aid my pain
But sometimes I descend to hell
And scared to rise again

But rise again my dear you will
As new song from the grave
And by your openness of heart
So many souls you'll save

I hate this yoke! I hate this pain!
Remove it from me now!
I only want the normal things
I've just forgotten "how?"

I cannot take it, 'You Who Mourns'
But this much I will vow
For every soul you help to light
For every scar you bear
There's warm arms waiting
Somewhere now
And in those arms you'll share.

Oh take me in your loving arms
And rock me sound to sleep
I'll trust in you
And carry on
Let my
The Astral Traveller
I have walked
Among the living
And the dead
So much life I found
In some quarters of the dead
So much death among
So many of the living

For it's a strange world indeed
That we inhabit
And for those of us
Who "lucid dream"
A perplexing one
Where boundaries are blurred
And what is real is no more so
But what is not considered "real"
Becomes so.
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