Astral Travelling & Out Of Body Experiences


Astral projection and astral travelling are the names given for the esoteric art of being able to project the subtle body / spirit / dream body / astral counterpart, outside the physical body and travel in that vehicle to other realms of existence.

Although it is a natural occurrence, the conscious memory or participation in it is denied from the majority and so is shrouded in mystery and subsequent fear of the unknown. It is acknowledged in all the ancient traditions worldwide and is essentially part of the human condition (but usually hidden and therefore termed 'occult'.)

I truly believe that the day will soon be upon us when the 'occult' is no more and we are all drawn into the light of understanding.

That will involve a major shift in consciousness for the planet and it is taking place even as I type. This is one of the very real reasons I have decided to "come out of the closet" metaphysically speaking and share my life's experiences on astral travelling, to help bring further understanding on the subject. I feel as more and more people are opened up energetically they will quite naturally seek answers.

Far from asking anyone to deny their current religious belief systems, I feel sure that they will only be enhanced, but so too will the realisation that we all inhabit the cosmic web and are therefore all equal.



What Is Astral Projection?

Astral Projection is the ability to consciously project the subtle body out with the physical body and switch consciousness at the same time so that the person now functions from within their astral body (dream body, or the many other names given).

Wikipedia explains it thus,
" Astral projection or travel denotes the astral body or double leaving the physical body to travel in the astral plane. According to classical, mediaeval, renaissance Neo-Platonist, later Theosophist and Rosicrucian philosophy, the astral body is an intermediate body of light linking the rational soul to the physical body, and the astral plane is an intermediate world of light between Heaven and Earth composed of the spheres of the planets and stars. These astral spheres were held to be populated by gods, angels, demons and spirits."

Astral projection and travel is widely accepted in many religions and belief systems. The ancient Egyptians' teachings present the soul as having the ability to hover outside the physical body in the Ka, or subtle body and this is present in many of their artifacts. A common belief is that the subtle body is attached to the physical body by means of a psychic silver cord.

This is mentioned in the bible too:
"Remember your Creator before the silver cord is snapped"
- Ecclesiastes 12.6

This is a salutary message to remember our place in things (as creations) before our Creator and before it's too late and the cord has snapped, which means that our earth experience is over and our souls fly home to whatever awaits us.

I personally believe wholeheartedly in the silver cord. I have not seen it but I have definitely felt it. It acts as a sort of spiritual umbilical cord keeping our subtle body connected to the physical. When death occurs it dissolves allowing us to return in the subtle body to the place of similar vibration. During out of body travel it stretches and there is basically no distance in the spirit world as such so it never becomes over taxed.

Astral projection is a skill that can be learned although many never achieve it after many years trying but with me occurs spontaneously. We all do it but only some are able to experience it consciously. It is a very subjective subject. Due to its esoteric nature it is very hard to prove or disprove as all we have is the evidence of those who do it and speak about it and of course the multitude of ancient writings and works of art regarding it.

I consider it a gift and one that was given me in order to help me understand many things that would aid me in my healing practice by allowing me to see the 'many layers of being' first hand. These experiences have enabled me to live my life in wonder and awareness of how incredible the universe is and to feel an integral part of it deep in my spirit.

To anyone who has an interest there are now many books and articles concerning it. There are also of course scientific articles explaining it away as they do in scientific terms. It's up to the individual to decide for themselves. All I can say is that once experienced there is no need to disprove it as the knowledge of the reality of it now lives within you.

Early Inspirations

I would like to mention Dione Fortune who wrote the book (among others) 'Through the Gates of Death.' She greatly influenced my early studies and Sylvan Muldoon and Hereward Carrington who collaborated on the book 'The Projection of the Astral Body' Brave pioneers in an age that dismissed such things as either deluded or even the work of the demonic. I owe them a debt for allowing me to understand that this phenomena is shared and acknowledged.

In the early days before the Mind Body and Spirit sections were to be found in bookstores, they were a huge comfort to a schoolgirl who needed answers back then. I think my greatest influence was T Lobsang Rampa whose book 'You Forever' was a guiding light on my inner development and helped tremendously with my understanding.

Strangely enough, I have recently been brought into contact one way or the other, with several people of late, who testify that their early interest was founded by this man who was widely derided in his day but who has become it seems to many, the fore runner of what I feel will be a very much more frequent occurrence to many as we are waking up to our true spiritual nature.


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Astral Travel

Astral travelling is when the dream body inhabiting the consciousness of the individual travels on the astral plane. The astral plane is the nearest plane of existence to the physical realm but a slightly higher vibration.

It is inhabited by many different beings and is composed of several different layers. Earth bound spirits inhabit the lower realms and, according to different belief systems is also the home of angels, spirits and other devic kingdoms.

I write about my observations below in Travelling in the Astral Plane.


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Personal Beliefs regarding Astral Projection and Other States of Being

I write here about my own experiences which may differ from another's. Just as two people can travel by a train and remember different scenes and impressions so too, do those journeying into the astral planes.

There are also many different planes of being and so no two people will report the same, although just as I have discovered with many other things….there does seem to be a what Jung called 'Universal Unconscious' that we all as humans can tap into. This is the home of The Muse and every other inspiration of beauty and truth too.

It contains great wisdom and beauty in many forms. We do not have to consciously travel to that place; it comes to us in flashes of insight and creative inspiration of every kind.

I stand by my belief that there is not a single thing ever portrayed in any work of art that does not exist somewhere. That includes every strange creature ever depicted.

We barely grasp what in fact 'The Imagination' actually is. It is decried as something vacant to be almost denied (although this is changing very rapidly now)

The Imagination is actually the greatest gift and power bequeathed to us. It is the gateway to other worlds and a very powerful ally if harnessed rightly and respectfully.


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Altered States of Being

The Astral Traveller
astral traveller
I have walked
Among the living
And the dead
So much life I found
In some quarters of the dead
So much death among
So many of the living

For it's a strange world indeed
that we inhabit
And for those of us
Who "lucid dream"
A perplexing one
Where boundaries are blurred
And what is real is no more so
But what is not considered "real"
Becomes so.

Alison Stormwolf

These are the stages and accompanying experiences. I have studied them for years and come to my own conclusions.

I think I have been born with some anomaly maybe that makes me more able to dissociate my subtle body from the physical counterpart.

It really does not matter for I know that I share this in company with many others.

The total recurrence and validity of these experiences, coupled with my will to serve has born in me a real desire to give voice to things that I know affect many others.

There are countless people out there who have known what I speak of…even once…can be life transforming.

To live with it as part of the life journey has been to me alienating, wonder filled, painful and soul enriching.

I share this with you in truth.


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Unbreakable Stare and spontaneous Alpha

From childhood I have entered what I see now as a sort of waking trance. I feel this is very common indeed. In this state I become slightly detached from everything around me and otherwise engaged in a sort of reverie. It is a welcome state of detachment from everything. It is like a subtle drawing away from ordinary reality to enter a 'daydream'.

I surmise it is a very sudden shift in brain wave patters into the 'alpha' state and that is the ideal state to create in the mind images that with constant positive re-enforcement will be drawn to our physical reality. See 'Creating Your Reality' and 'The Power of Manifestation'.

I went through school like this…accused of being a 'dreamer'. Well, that I am and happy to be so.


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Lucid Dreaming State

This is very similar to astral travelling. The paradox of consciousness while sleeping. It is waking up fully conscious in a dreamscape and knowing you are dreaming and that everything you are seeing is the dream world. I recommend 'The Paradox of Consciousness During Sleep' by Celia Green

To wake up fully conscious in what you know is the dream world is the most amazing experience and for me at least, accompanied by feelings of intense wonder. I am able to converse with others I meet in full awareness that my physical is lying on a bed somewhere but I do not know where. There is no anxiety about how to get back, in fact the sense of euphoria is at times incredible and one wonders if this is how the soul feels once liberated from the earth plane. If so, there is nothing to fear about death and it makes me understand that the grief we feel for the departed is essentially selfish in the real meaning of the word, for being free of the physical vehicle is freedom unknown in this reality.


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Sleep Paralysis

This is a very frightening state until I got used to it. For someone who suffers from claustrophobia at the best of feel confined within my own body was akin to being in hell. It was only after countless occurrences that I gradually became aware that I would always come out of it. (The terrible fear is that people think you are either sleeping, unconscious or at the very worst...dead)

Sleep paralysis involves waking up inside my body so that although fully awake my body is still sleeping. During normal sleep there are episodes of paralysis so that we are unable to act out our dreams. Sleep disturbances such as sleep walking occur when there is a failure of this natural paralysis to occur and people then walk about and function while fast asleep.

Sleep paralysis is almost the reverse. It is well documented and the text books talk of it being accompanied by hallucinations. These are referred to as either hypnogogic or hypnopompic depending on whether they occur on falling asleep or walking.

Now, I am very aware that most people experience strange things at these times as we are on the threshold of sleep and dreams and reality can sort of merge at this point.

What I am talking about is very different and I have a very different belief as to what is happening.

My Experiences with Sleep Paralyses

This started very soon after my first out of body experience and continued in increasing frequency for the next 30 years. I often wanted to see a doctor about it but there was very little information at the time and besides...I felt that I would not be taken seriously.

I had been encouraged to go to the family doctor after my first out of body experience and was told it was a hallucination caused by the stress of having left home to pursue my nursing career. I soon realised that conventional medicine and my esoteric happenings were parallel lines and to keep my experiences to myself.

What is it actually?

Sleep paralyses is the condition of being caught half in and half projected into the astral. It can be the doorway once understood and developed to true freedom and astral projection. Unfortunately, the level of terror many feel, stops the ability and attracts those in the astral to be attracted to that level of vibration so the inability to move, couples with the spiritual awareness of other realms (and not nice ones) can mean that many are subjected to frequent recurrences as 'what we resist, persists'.

We have nothing to fear but fear but until and unless those afflicted are able and brave enough to understand exactly what is happening they can be caught in a loop. I recently watched a video of a young woman plagued by this seeing a sleep specialist who nodded sagely and told her all about how this was all due to a dysfunction of REM sleep. Now, while he was essentially correct, as it is....I very much doubt if he has experienced it himself...and the reassurance while maybe helping in the short term, will not actually help, when yet again, she may wake with something sitting on her chest or interfering with her. (Incubus and Succubus)

If she was to take the path of self empowerment, she would no longer be a sitting duck for attacks of this kind. I say again, we live in a multi dimensional universe and the spirit worlds (all of them) are all around us always.


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Visitations (When Worlds Overlap)

I use the term 'visitations' to cover broadly all the phenomena that I would experience when in sleep paralysis.

In sleep paralysis my body is asleep but my consciousness is fully awake so I am trapped inside my body. I can hear everything going on in the outside world; cars starting etc (partner snoring, normal things.)

I can also have a very good idea what the time is etc…but. I am also in a different vibrational rate in my energy body and so I am able to be aware of the spirit realm but much more important …. They seem to be aware of me.

I do not fully understand the mechanism involved. I only we know we all carry a 'cosmic signature' that speaks for our level of development. This is also accompanied by a light vibration. So, although we can appear to the spirit realm as we see ourselves here…we also have something way beyond human comprehension.

This takes the form of some sort of design and light and it is that image or energy that speaks for us in those realms. This is very esoteric stuff that is given to me and may be hard to understand by many. However, I know it to be as true as I can. It is the means by which 'like attracts like' in the spiritual worlds.

Those carrying more light will always attract the 'moths' of the astral and so need to be very aware of such things.

Again, I do not feel this to be the place to go into this subject deeper but I hold my observations as valid and again in keeping with ancient findings.

My Personal Experience

In this state I have been visited many, many times by those inhabiting that dimension. This is out with the scope of this article.

It is widely experienced worldwide in every culture and to those who want to know more I suggest looking up
subjects under what is often referred to as the Old Hag Syndrome. paralysis.html

Sleep paralysis and the accompanying phenomena is experienced by about 15 percent of the population at least once. It is strongly linked to sleep disorders and there are supposed scientific explanations for it none of which really fits if experienced repeatedly from a personal level.

To me they are simply the merging of realms due to the brainwave patterns allowing access to that environment and one step away from astral travel. In other words...that realm comes to me as opposed to me going to them.

These visitations have been ranging from curious to what I felt to be demonic.

When they started they usually involved someone coming into my room and sitting on my bed. I would feel the bed going down under their weight and they seemed to be intensely interested in me. They would sometimes pull back the quilt to get a better look and I would feel the cold air as the covers came back. It would be really scary as I would not be able to make any movement so as to alert them that I was aware of their presence, and of course did even know who "they" were or what they looked like so I would have to try not to panic while trying to break the paralysis by sheer will alone.

The atmosphere would range from a very different feeling of tension to downright malevolent. I have also been physically attacked in this way. I can attest to the fact that the phenomena has intelligence as on one terrifying occasion when I started to pray inwardly my neck was compressed and I felt as though I was in a battle for my life....
Whatever it was could tell what I was thinking.

Spiritual Empowerment

Shortly after this experience I was 'baptized in the Holy Spirit' and received the 'gift of tongues' and this has empowered me spiritually and I consider it a wonderful thing to have.

These visitations have involved most of the senses from sensory to auditory.

(I am talking about visitations here while trapped in the physical...a different state of being to being free and fully functioning in my astral body.)

I am convinced of the existence of parallel realities too.
"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
~ Hamlet, scene v ~


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Travelling in the Astral Plane

Astral travelling is one step further from astral projection. It occurs when the astral counterpart, either by will or by seeming random occurrence, finds itself functioning in another world. The astral plane can be similar to this one or it can be very different.

There is a train of thought that states that there is an astral counterpart for everything we see here. I think that is definitely the case.

I am not sure where I go ...seems like there are many different places you can land. ;-)

What is it like?

However, to my experience there are worlds within there are places inhabited by beings that bear no relationship to anything we see here on earth. I have seen mythological creatures that convinced me that the human condition has tapped into those realms since earth life began...and so explains the similarity of beliefs in angels, fairies, gnomes, mermaids, unicorns etc in all continents dating back into antiquity.

I also believe that we can travel both back in time and forward. I am not sure how I appear in some places. Some are populated with strange people and if I feel scared I try to keep my head down and not appear too obviously just a visitor!

Seemingly solid objects can be gone through but there is always a feeling of resistance so it is not like the commonly seen films of ghosts drifting through walls.

It's a multi-sensory experience that can take a dreamlike quality to it (although fully lucid) or it can be as real and as ordinary as here with ordinary looking people.

Due to the subjective nature of it all and the fact that there does seem to be some kind of filter mechanism involved it can be difficult to empress it in terms that those who have never experienced it can appreciate.

I will say that it is almost always accompanied by wonderful intense feelings, ranging from wonder to joy and unrivalled freedom.

I am fully aware of being in another world and am also fully aware that my body is lying in bed somewhere but I have not got a clue where that place is in relation to where I find myself. I am never aware of travelling as such...only of being somewhere totally different.

Sometimes it comes about by "waking up" from a dream to find myself fully conscious in a dreamscape. This is lucid dreaming and although its is almost the same as astral travelling it seems to be more difficult to maintain. The waking up is often when in a dream I notice something that is incongruous like seeing two moons in the sky for instance.

So I say to myself "that is not earth" and before I know it I am awake and conscious in the dream world.

This is so filled with wonder and joy that its almost impossible to maintain for very long and you feel yourself slipping back into a normal dream state.

Take what resonates or discard

I realize that by writing about these things there will be some who many doubt my sanity lol but I know there are also countless others who will say "Yes I have experienced that too!"

In ALL things of this nature it is crucially important to practice discernment!

That is a feeling in the gut area that something is true or not even if we have not personally experienced it. For instance, I read many strange things, especially now with the explosion of New Age information. Much of it I hold aside...It may seem fanciful but I reserve judgment. In other words I have a very open mind and for that I am very grateful. However, I still practice discernment and so discard much too.

There are various techniques suggested by others to try to maintain lucidity including looking at your hands or spinning round but I find it difficult to maintain for very long. Astral travelling is more intense and more describes a period of being fully functional in another realm.

For me I have to say it's a spontaneous happening. I have not yet managed to do it by will but I am able to project my subtle body intentionally.

I have had very negative experiences too but the thing to remember is that nothing can actually harm you.

Taking Control and Healing Yourself

It is a malleable world where confronting a supposed threat can in fact change its form to something quite different. A bit like learning the ability to take control of dreams and turn and face your pursuer.

In this way we are making changes in the world of the subtle bodies (for a part of us exists simultaneously in all realms) So much healing is taking place by conventional medicine when it has filtered down to the slow vibration of the physical so we are effectively "locking the stable after the horse has bolted". If we become empowered to confront our fears in dreams or astral travelling, we stop trouble at source so to speak.

Portals and awareness of their relevance

The internet is a real advancement of earthly knowledge now (and also a portal for huge evil) but I am talking about things that were part of the indigenous oral tradition of tribes before anyone went anywhere (in this world! ;-) )

Portals are doorways into other dimensions. A computer is a modern one and it pays to be aware of that. How many times do you read something or see something and have a visceral response? The amount of negativity by way of violent images, porn where woman are degraded for sexual thrills and even the depressing news is all affecting our levels of vibration and can become trapped in our energy and affect us adversely.

It is much more than feeling depressed or shocked etc...

The Chakra system and their relevance

There are also several different realms and I cannot say how many but esoteric knowledge says 7 which corresponds to the 7 main chakras in the subtle energy body each one connected to that level of vibration and therefore that place of being. It is far too vast a subject to tackle here so I will keep it simple.

The Bible mentions several heavens and although I admit I am no scholar of the Koran I am told it mentions the seventh heaven.

I do believe that mankind has advanced and ascended in direct connection to our chakra system and this is very esoteric knowledge again but the base chakra deals with connection to the earth and belonging and survival. I am told this was mankind's original level in pre historic days of hunting, gathering and basic survival.

The heart chakra is the 4th chakra in the subtle energy body. It is the meeting place of heaven and earth (the higher energy centers connected to the spiritual realms and the lower centers connected to the physical)

A couple of years ago I was given a vision of the heart chakra and our true natures - see poem Revelation Of Our True Being.

It is my understanding that mankind is ascending up the vibrational system which corresponds to our subtle energy anatomy. We are indeed children of the universe and we are indeed The Microcosm inside The Macrocosm.

As mankind evolves we move up the chakra system in the subtle bodies and are given the increased vibrational rate to function and be aware of all those who inhabit that level of being.

This is happening now.....and we are moving up and out of the physical reality into the higher spiritual realms. (The age of Aquarius).

In order to do this we are being challenged on many fronts...not least in the material realm of finance.

Again a whole subject. I only want to present to the reader a different perspective on what is happening globally as we speak.

There are many momentous challenges facing us now as a global village. Hurricanes, floods, volcanic eruptions plague, pollution in ratio to the corruption and greed being exposed by banks, big pharmaceutical companies and the elite who have maneuvered much of the things happening in the world now not to mention the total exposure of the widespread corruption and lies in the Catholic Church about child abuse.

It would be easy to become very depressed or hopeless about it all. However, I totally believe that all this is cleansing on a global level. The old ways are being shattered to allow new energy in to this broken world. But I was told many times by my guidance to "Not look right or left" I take that to mean to ignore the fear mongers or even to hold fear within. I believe we are being supported in the invisible realm.

My esoteric awareness has both deepened my wonder and awe at the incredible magnificence of creation, It has also birthed in me a real love of my true home in the universe.

I am a child of the universe...and so are you!

Brainwave Patterns and Awareness

I have experienced many different states of consciousness. I know they are directly related to brain wave function as different brain wave patterns allow access to different states of being.

This is how Shamans travel to other worlds on the beat of a drum or 'wind horse' as they often call it. The rhythmic beating at certain rapidity causes what is called 'brain entrainment' where the brain waves change rhythm to beat along with the drum. In this way the shaman gets access to other states of being. The brain is no more than a sort of body computer and one that is instrumental in changing patterns to allow access to other realities.

For over 37 years now I have experienced varying stages of disassociation of my subtle body and so have had a very long time to study these phenomena and make some sense out of it.

My observations and my conclusions are my own of course but I have found that they tie in with most of what I have read of other's experiences and also the major world religious beliefs.

I understand now that what the old world wrote about and painted are real.

I was going to say not the contents of someone's imaginative mind…but that would not be strictly true as everything that we need and all that we are and hope to be lies in the realms of the spiritual. In this way they are so far removed from the physical realm of understanding as to make them 'imaginary'. I know they are not.

Astral Vision, Recovering Wisdom and The nature of Matter

My vision while in the astral is at times altered to become very acute but can become almost tunnel vision so I am able to examine things very closely but almost as though looking through binoculars the wrong way round.

There is a feeling it comes, as though the senses are mixing so you can 'feel' texture without touching, everything is alive with life force and you are aware of totally being one with everything.

I am so aware that I am in another dimension and so want to bring back knowledge that the very intention seems to alter the visual capacity. I have marveled at wood carving so intricate that I have never seen anything like them here. I have seen places and buildings and marveled at them while at the same time pondered over where they are in relation to earth.

Akashic Records

I get frustrated at many things. I often see a large book. And when I see it and read it I become elevated and consumed with the desire to take the information back to waking consciousness.

I am also aware I have read this book many times before throughout my life.

This may or may not be what is referred to as The Ahaskic Record' Many have claimed to have the ability to visit them at will (Dion Fortune) All major religions speak of a large collection or book, scroll that holds the all knowledge of human experience and the history of the entire cosmos. If you want to learn more it is worth Googling it. 

That demonstrates the level of lucidity I experience. It all makes great sense…but sadly it becomes like the cloth from Tutankhamen's tomb…those ancient things dissolved in the sun and atmosphere of the present and I take it from that that there are things I am allowed to see and understand…but only there, not here. Yet.

What I have noticed however, is that although many laws which govern the material world no longer apply (gravity), others come into play.

The ability to fly, to walk through walls and also to change the circumstances by thought alone. It is a malleable world where the power of the mind holds sway. That again is confirmation to me of the relevance of the imagination and also the power of creative visualization in this realm.

I will say though that when going through objects such as walls and what we see as 'solid' I feel an initial resistance and that the going through holds that feeling …so it is not like drifting through things as though they had no form. This again makes perfect sense to me, as different states of vibration have different fields of energy so that in the astral (which is only one stage up from here) we can still feel some resistance that in the higher realms are totality removed from this.

The universal law of 'Like attracts Like still exists and that has been a major lesson for me also. I have been to some places I would not ever want to return to and so my intention has to remain good. In fact in everything The Intension is crucial. Nowhere does that knowledge come home to roost more than there.

It has made me reassess my views on hell and again my thoughts are removed from writing about it here.

I have met and conversed with other people and asked whether they are permanently in that reality or are they sleeping too? I am gradually able to see the difference between those who inhabit a place and those who are in their dream body too.

Astral attraction, love and sex

I have also noted that intense feeling can bring those inhabiting dream bodies together.

Any shared feeling, if the passion or depth of yearning is of the same vibration, can bring those people into contact with one another in a dream location.

Sexual contact is real. There are those held in the lower vibration of the astral (though finer than here. Still low in relation to the other realms) Those who feel a real compulsion for many different reasons….and sexuality being a major part of life is no different.

I could write much more about this and feel I will do in times to come... but we can meet and converse with 'dead' relatives and also loved ones still living in this strange environment.

I am not a medium and I do not contact the dead intentionally...but I have seen and spoken to most people I knew who have gone through transition and never in an intentional way.

I look on this as confirmation of my great conviction of the eternal life of the spirit and do not seek them out in any way, shape or form.

That to me is not advisable and a sort of 'retrograde' motion spiritually speaking. If they come? they come of their own volition, and I am the most grateful recipient of anything they want to tell me but I never ever seek them out.

(This is very different from spirit guides who have put themselves forward in service. I have great respect for my invisible helpers and hold them in very high regard. They are not the subject of cheap thrills round an Ouija board, they are wonderful beings who give of themselves to serve humanity)

I do not have all the answers, I only can speak of what I have experienced personally.


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Mind States and Realms

I also feel we can change how we appear there too, depending on our state of mind. I have found both my 'dead' father and also my 'dead' dog ignoring me or even refusing to acknowledge me on one occasion.. (I usually find such meetings intensely wonderful and moving. )

I take this to be that my appearance was not what they expected on that occasion. (Be ever mindful of the thoughts you hold as these affect your vibration)

These are great mysteries and the last frontier in esoteric knowledge which I feel is on the point of being made available to all.


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Parallel Realities, Visitations & Relevance

In the last short time I have experienced a huge surge forward in experience. To recap:

  • I have had visitations while not able to act (sleep paralysis),
  • I have experienced Lucid dreams,
  • I have been aware of astral travelling and tried to pin point the relevance and deeper understanding for the human condition,
  • I have journeyed Shamanically to try to see a deeper reason for affliction and pain in myself and others.

Now I am aware of a quantum leap in awareness and connection.

The Bible tells us "Seek and You Will Find".


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  • I never came across anything that made my faith any less. I never experienced anything that said we are anything less than God's Children bonded by incarnation.
  • I never saw anything that spoke of 'one up-manship' or being a 'channel for the light'
  • I only saw great wonder in mystery and that we are eternal beings who are governed by the vibration we hold. (good is high, bad is low and therefore the places we go, the things we see and experiences we have, are governed by our minds and our thoughts,
  • Great power exists in thought.
  • What we think becomes reality on the earth plane. in the astral worlds that becomes instant. There is huge debate about heaven and hell and I am not going to put forward my personal thoughts in detail at this time.
  • What I will say is that "Like Attracts Like" even more so there.
  • I try to take my thoughts captive and elevate my thinking albeit against my lower nature at times! ;-)
  • Prayer is real. valid and powerful both there and here.
  • Intention is everything. The desires of our hearts will attract that which we think we want. That can be a very great curse unless we become awakened to our spiritual natures.
  • The recent release of the film 'The Secret' was a watershed for me. I have lived and breathed the message in this for many years. I know deep in my soul that mankind is ascending to a higher vibration.

There is huge poverty of the spirit in those governed by scientific thought alone. Those who see the world through the limited senses given to us by the Greater Power are like fools who judge everything according to their own arrogance. Like a puppet that becomes superior to its carver, they think they know it all.

I see also many in the New Age movement who also are guilty of becoming trapped in their own illusion.

There are traps and minefields everywhere both in the convicted zealots and in the new age movement.

To begin to 'get real' means admitting we do NOT have all the answers while inhabiting flesh and bone.

I write here from my heart and my soul truth about my own journey of Soul Awakening.

I do not claim it to be so.. I only share my truth in the hope that it might make others who have experienced this too, feel less alone.

I grew up in an age when such things were hardly spoken about and those who dared to give voice were considered "occultists" akin to being in league with the devil according to the church.

Well I am speaking out now as someone who has lived my life in tandem with such things. I was a regular church attended for 20 years.

I had to decide to go solo while holding the vision of desiring truth. I remain a believer.

I truly believe that what I speak of will become common knowledge very soon and that far from being castigated as somewhat weird…

I will eventually be appreciated as being alive to my intuition, 
Alive to the Invisible,
And humble before the Face of God

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