Poems on oems On Self-Worth, Self-Love & Self-Esteem

Collection of inspirational poems to motivate our sense of self worth, self esteem & self love. Poems that reach into the hearts of those who seek to know themselves.


When I Dance
hen I dance
I throw the heavy gate aside!
Release the captive
Shed sunlight on my inner shadows
Tear the shackles
From the prison wall!

I am the wind
On a hot summer's day
The whispered thought
In a deep dream
The moonbeam on a mirror loch
The warm blanket
Of love's reassurance!

I have no form!
I answer to no-one!
I encapsulate freedom
A human form
Expressing joy in all it's glory
When I dance!
Rainy Day In Sauchen
Gentle and hypnotic
Rain falls through my bare trees
Mesmerised by sound and memories I sit
watching dripping diamonds

Owning nothing has a certain dark appeal
No longer caring if the roof leaks
Cut free from slavery
To materialism

Unbreakable stare
I move aside
To allow
To enter.
olitude has opened up the depth in me
Now I crave the peace of my own company
As I used to chase the bright lights
Deep is my inner joy in the knowing
I am not chained in constraints of emotional need

For like attract like
And I have no attraction for those who
Have not plumbed their own depths
Too many rivers crossed
Too much stripped away
To sell my precious treasure
For a song
More new poems coming soon...

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