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Welcome to Soul Awakening, the home of Alison Stormwolf, poet and healer.  This site will help awaken soul growth, inspire inner awareness, reflection and self-empowerment through poetry, spiritual articles and wisdom, as well as holistic healing services. Learn how you create your own reality, who you really are, and how to awaken your soul to consciously create a more positive happy life!

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Soul Awakening will help heal and inspire you to reconnect with your Soul,
awakening you to the True Power of the grand Spirit that you are!

" Embrace your magnificence!
See with clear vision the power in you
Hidden maybe, Unrecognised maybe...
But a part of your very soul "


what if


.:: A Blessing For You ::.
Please take a few moments out of your busy day to receive a blessing through this beautiful piece by Roma Downey.
Close your eyes, place your hands upwards in your lap, and listen to the words... believe them, claim them, they are yours!
Feel loved... for you are loved! ~ Alison
An Irish blessing - Roma Downey




Your Soul Awakening

  • Do you often feel broken, worthless, a total failure?
  • Do you feel nothing means anything anymore, that all idols are false and there's no real reason to go on?
  • Have you embraced religion for a while, and felt that we just could not live up to the standards?
  • Maybe you are heart sick of the fighting over different religions?
  • Do you feel you are the black sheep and life has lost all meaning?
  • Are you struggling to understand why you are even here?
  • Maybe recurrent depression has left you feeling scared and lost?
  • Do you have a hunger in your soul for meaning?

No matter what you are experiencing,
I am telling you that it is your Soul Awakening!

To be in transition from one way of being to another is a painful process. There comes a time that may shatter your shell of limiting beliefs or pull away your comfort blanket.

Your eyes may be sleepy and your wings may be needing to be stretched.
I don't care how you visualize that cosmic shift in your conscious awareness of who you are beyond names and your place in it all, you are now opening up to light from within, merging in light from above..... this is your soul awakening.

It is the moment we wake up to our individuality and our place in it all, where we take back all blame from others and see ourselves as the scribe.

This is the moment we view ourselves with purpose and relevance, the time we throw off the labels and aspirations of others - things we never wanted in the first place.

There is never too early a time or before God too late - every moment is a time to embrace your 'Soul Awakening'
to the beauty and unique purpose that is you! This is a blessed state, often following deep pain or loss of purpose for whatever reason.

Almost every mystic and wise spiritual light on this planet, almost every healer I have ever met (or read of) has come through some sort of 'Baptism of Fire'.

Most Shamans have survived 'near death experiences'. So many wonderful ordinary people like you and me have suffered and grown through the dark times. Many of us have lost everything that appeared to give our life meaning and happiness. It is almost a pre-requisite to the birth of a new deeper understanding of our individual roles in this life. With this comes a new responsibility to help one another.

One day something is different.... Old values seem to have grown stale, unfulfilling.
Things that once attracted us, no longer do. Our Soul Awakening has begun.

With knowledge comes responsibility.
With blessing comes the need to share it with others.
In the sharing we are lifting the collective unconscious
that little bit higher for mankind.

Such a beautiful saying, "Practice acts of random kindness". Those acts you do go sailing forth into the cosmos attracting such blessings (positive karma and Divine grace), then those blessings come winging their way back into your life. (manifestation). All actions are ripples in the pool of consciousness.

To quote from my own poem Dialogue With Spirit:

" Your sorrows and challenges
Are your gifts from the Spirit"
Do not withdraw and curse them
Embrace humanity, your pain and live!"

Give thanks for being taken from the darkness of the physical
and awakened into the spirit within you.


Blessings and Light always,
Alison signature