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The Sacred Stem
by Alison Stormwolf

 Our births, our deaths
Are part of the
'Sacred Stem'
Makes no sense to curse it
Deny it
Or try to avert it
Do not try to cry
To dry heavens
And ask for mercy
That is your ‘world skin’ talking

You chose your insecurities
Your inadequacies
Your impoverishment
Your greed?
Your beauty
was born with you

Be still and listen
To your heart's core
Calling you to ever greatness
It’s no easy ride
The challenge to change
Leaves us vulnerable and naked
As the day we were born...

As the day we become...
All that we indeed are

For blessing
Wears no clothes
And inhibition
Knows only ego
Let yourselves be pillars of the light
In whatever form
The Creator
The Master Manifester
Has designed for you

And embrace each other
For the universe
Was formed from
So we need to sing
A new tomorrow

© Alison Stormwolf

About This Poem:
I was given the term "Sacred Stem” from the invisible and after meditating about it I realised that we are all part of that sacred stem. We are all one force coming from one sacred source
To ‘know’ that in our souls makes us feel so frustrated to see the hypocrisy, shallow judgment and cruelty of a world that has divorced itself from being connected to the mother / father God. If we share the same parents...we are then brothers and sisters.




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