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Seeing Truth and the Unifying Principle
by Alison Stormwolf


He came into a needy world
With words that were so challenging
And a message so outrageous
That they hung him from a cross
Those in authority were so shaken
They could not take that challenge

Such goodness with no other reward
Was alien in their evil world
Just as it is today
So they tried to beat it ot of Him

They did not realise till later
Such as He was not subject
To those rigid laws of men,
Still he loved with no restraint

He inspired millions of souls
But those in flesh
are always open to corruption.
So his message has been constrained
Configured, bleached, moulded
made politically correct

They took my Saviour
And engineered His teaching
To fit their selfish ends
Their power struggles, their corruption
They tried to box in
In their ignorance
They did not realise that
Such as He
Could never be contained

In time His followers became
Decked out in grandeur,
fancy hats, jewelled rings
Locked doors and locked minds
Or bleak unloving pious preachers
Hell-bent on keeping hidden
(Subconsciously or not)
The beauty and power of the human soul

He said He had
'come to set the captive free'
He said that
‘better than Him would his followers do’
He told us that
'His Father’s kingdom had many mansions'
He taught us to
have 'no thought for the morrow'
Yes, He taught of
Divine providence
The beauty of His truth slays me all the time

My Lord Jesus came to a world of lost men
So they tried to destroy Him
He calls Himself
the 'Shepherd who knows His Flock'
In that we know His role as Keeper of Souls
He did not ever judge
And warned us of judging others

Yet here we are with so many of His
Most vociferous followers
being SO judgemental!
What part of His teachings did they miss?

I have been told
I am ‘no Christian’ as I now take part
In ancient Sacred Ceremonies
Held Holy by ancient peoples worldwide
I love the moon and all of the created universe
(My Father's handiwork)

I value animals, trees, the seasons
and other 'crimes against the Establishment'
of those with a hidden agenda of control.

Then in my quiet times with Spirit
When He surrounds me with His grace
And my soul rests in Him
I look out of my window and see
The resurrection of my trees in spring
I know my connection to ‘all that is’
And my heart is warmed by the knowledge
that wherever life takes me,
He is there

Always was, always will be
And Easter is for me the resurrection
Of that faith
Of my 'Divine Connection'.
and the remembering with great humility
of a wonderful God made man
Who took on an agonising yoke
For such as me.

Honour everyone's journey

© Alison Stormwolf


I have added this poem to enhance your understanding of my position.
I was a regular weekly (at the very least) attender at church from the age of 29 till 40.

My reasons behind me leaving were many..... but deep and so profound.
I cannot, nor will not, divorce myself from those years. However...
To everyone comes a challenge so powerful, so mighty, they have to soul-search countless hours
of introspection especially one like me...

I could not be a part of people who thought that those of another religion
were not only 'misguided' but also bound for 'hell' because of it,
The parting of the ways has been a deep wrench in my soul...
but my Father knows... Yes, he hears everything.

So you will find different music through this site -
Some "new age", some Celtic, some Native American.

I embody all my kin.

and I make no excuses!

"Mitakuye Oyasin" is Lakota Sioux for "All My Relations."

It is a prayer of one-ness and harmony with all forms of life - other people, animals, birds, insects, trees and plants, and even rocks.

It reminds us that we are connected to these other aspects of Creation, that we share a common kinship in the Hoop of Life.

Music Track: "I Was Not Made A Butterfly"
(Lyrics © 1998 Jenn Erickson)

I was not made a butterfly
To flit and float across your sky,
To flirt with worry and with strife,
Let doubt or fear into my life.
Tossed by every blowing wind
Of pleasing words or false doctrine,
Tiny and frail, and easily led -
This could have been, and yet instead ...
An eagle’s wings you’ve given me,
A mountain view, a path to see,
A call to climb to greater heights
To fly by faith and not by sight.
A piercing gaze, a steady eye,
A glory crown, a victory cry.
I have also a fortressed nest;
The Rock, the tower of your rest.

I praise you, Lord, for peace in me
And for your whisper, "... soar with Me.




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