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Night Summons
by Alison Stormwolf

night summons

Sleep! I call to you
as the shepherdess calls to her dog;
for night approaches with her usual company
of wolves and bats and night creatures
and I must summon mine.

Come over the brow of the hill
as the sun sets in her glowing pink
your silhouette and that of Thunder my Night Horse
brings a lightness to my soul
and drowsy dreams to my eyes.

It has been a long hard day, my friend;
My heart is heavy with the need of you
and my faithful stallion
with the fiery eyes and strong back;
Some days are light and joyful
and I mount with a spring.

Some, like today, have been long and bleak
and my eyes scan the horizon
for the treasured sight of your flowing robes,
your hand steady on the reign,
as you hurry with reassurance
and strong support to mount.

Sometimes you don’t arrive
till the first rays of dawn
illuminate the valley
with joy of a new day;
But always, I wait for your arrival
as you have come for me from childhood,
no matter what the day has brought.

But one day you will have a companion
Whose golden light will be like a new dawn
Then I shall run barefoot, flat out to greet you
And we shall approach the horizon with great joy
and not look back to my waiting spot on the hill.

© Alison Stormwolf



Artwork ©Michael Leadingham
Fantasy Fine Art Gallery

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