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Night Music
by Alison Stormwolf

The ConnectionNever would he leave her,
He told her many times
As she struggled to accept
that love he showed.
For she loved him SO completely
For his being was her reason
Yes, her will to keep on living
her every waking breath
Her heartbeat was in all
His heart could hold?

And she loved him
with a passion,
Born not of
this lifetime's teaching,
Yes, she loved him
with the passion of her soul.

But he left her much too early,
Yes without one last goodbye,
Taken from her
like a vision in the night.
Leaving only painful memories
                                            to be her close companions
                                            Her world became devoid
                                             Of day's sweet light.

So her heart became a prison
Yes a lonely empty echo
an underworld
where souls in torment roam;
So she thinks of him in moonlight
Where she plays such mournful music
Plays such sad, and deathly music,
thinking only of her lover
Her only much mourned lover
who had vanished
from her anguished
earthly sight

But she comes to him in moonlight
and she plays to him in moonlight
and she feels him all around her
as her melody entwines them

So she cannot stop her playing,
cannot halt her eager fingers
For to stop the music means
That he is gone...
So her music
And her spirit

© Alison Stormwolf



Artwork © Linda Bergkvist
Fantasy Fine Art Gallery

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