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Constrained Impulse
by Alison Stormwolf

I want to take my clothes off
And dance in the rain
Tear off my social restrictions
Along with my tights
Rush from the comfort of my car
To the wildness of the waves
Along the sandy beach
With the roar of the breakers in my ears
And the feel of the rain on my bare skin
The impulse is SO strong sometimes
I must do it once before I die!
Grey sky. Thundering waves
Sea spray and rain drenching my hair
My celebration of life itself
Those who have never known this longing
Are the losers to me

Constrained ImpulseTo become as an elemental being
The Spirit of the Rain
The Dance of Freedom,
Oblivious to the stares
Of confused passer?s by
As someone phones the police
And reports a breach of public decency
My crime was to want to become one with nature
To feel fully alive and 'one' with the elements

I want to ride naked in the moonlight
Galloping along a sandy beach
The wind in my hair and my soul on fire
My horse and I like a Centaur
We are one, we are powerful
To know the freedom from the ties of convention
Totally at one with creation
Like it was meant to be
I could scream aloud with my yearning!

I want to float above a newly cut cornfield
Swooping and soaring as in my dreams
And alight on a bed of wallflower and pansies
Fly from bloom to bloom like a butterfly
Absorbing the beauty of their scent
Basking in the sun
Immersing myself in all that there is.

I yearn to join the wild geese
When the wind gets colder andnture retires
The rising of the sap of spring
Has given way, to heavy blossoms of summer
Nature?s pregnancy had completed its gestation
And confinement reached its conclusion
Delivery has delighted the mellowness in my soul
" Hung SA", "?Hung SA", we call in unison
As our beating wings head towards the scarlet sky

And a whole new beginning

© Alison Stormwolf

('Hung sa' is a meditative mantra)



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