Soul Awakening

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by Alison Stormwolf

communionCome, let us go to bed
And hold each other, let our heart beats melt
While we talk and I tell you of my plans
You can tell me your hopes and dreams
As night’s curtains close
And the darkness enfolds us

Take off your clothes along with your defences
I am naked as my exposed inner confessions
Of the world I try to construct for myself
Sometimes fruitful, sometimes barren
Each day a new rock face to conquer
Some ledges easier than others

I just need a friendly heart to commune with
An empathic spirit to listen and understand
Non-judgemental and supportive
I wanted the earth and the sky
Now I realise we are all limited
No-one has it all, even in the simple things

So for tonight, hold me close
So when I half wake in the night
I will feel warm flesh and blood next to me
And just for that dreamy moment all will be well
And sleep will come as the great anaesthetic
And the morning will be a whole new day once more.

(For David)

© Alison Stormwolf



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