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A Voice on the Wind
by Alison Stormwolf

voice on the windYou will find me
Though I change my name
And move into the country
Withdraw to the dark

You will find me
Should I change my form
And swim with fish
In the deepest sea

You will find me
Should I fly from this world
And soar to distant galaxies
Laughing at the trail of stars
I leave in my wake

You will find me
Should I run into the distant hills
And camoflague myself
In the deep, purple heather

Yes, You will find me
For your task consumes you
As my longing echoes to you
Through this world's misty places

There could be no escape
For our futures have been
Forged in spiritual steel
Sealed in my spirit's blood.

Leave your place and work
Set out on your best adventure
Too much time has passed
Hear my voice on the wind

I will look for you
As you come to find me
For we are one and the same
Soulmates, awaiting discovery.

© Alison Stormwolf



Artwork © Jonathon Earl Bowser
Used here with permission

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