Inspirational Wisdom Quotes on Shamanic, Shamanism, Sweat Lodge

Shamanism is very ancient going back to the very beginning of time. It is not a religion it is a way of 'seeing' and 'being' and one that fits me like a glove. I have great respect for the whole of creation and am very grateful to know my place in it all.

Discovering Shamanism was just the same as coming home for me. I felt such a sense of belonging and happiness. I refuse to believe those who try to tell me that I cannot be a 'believer' and still practice in this way. In all things I allow my intuition to rule.... being from the highest source.
My intuition leapt in joy at my reconnection to the line of my ancestral inheritance. Without this knowledge in my life, I would have felt like someone who tries to get by, but with a sense of disquiet, knowing they have lost a part of their memory.

Yes... nothing gives me greater joy than my total connection to the universe. This feeling or knowledge of divine connection is very thrilling for me and I feel now looking back that I was in fact born into the shamanic way of being and seeing.


On shamnism...


Before me
In the fire
Walk out your truth
See me
walking over red hot coals to reach you
Before the fire
all falseness is burned away
Bo be the fire tender
is an honour
The hot coals became my friends
I thirsted for their medicine
Knowing my power animals
gives great comfort
I do not walk alone
I give thanks that the intuition of youth
has seen its fulfillment in adulthood
I carry fire medicine
what a great gift
The fire exposes all weakness
The path of red hot coals
is one of transformation
I pray always
to be the "Hollow Bone"
My adopted grandfather 'Fools Crow
is my hero
While going about my business
I remember my home in the cottage
(on recollecting inner journeys)
The door is always open
in the cottage in the woods
(Lower world)
I have friends in high places
I also have friends in different places
The moist earth is the gateway
such homecoming for me
His head is scarred from many fights
his eyes wise
happy am I to have
such a feline protector
There they are
around me always, in silence
waiting for my call
In the deep night
I heard them..... singing
around the fire
Unless we are humble
do not ask for help
Let me walk in the way
Of the ancestors
Ancient ways,

On The Experience of Sweat Lodge...


We enter as individuals
we emerge as family ( The Sacred Sweat Lodge)
In the darkness and the heat
all that is false falls away
Let me live my life as pure and as strong
as when I emerge from 'Grandmother's Womb'
(The Sacred Sweat Lodge)
Pray always
give me the courage to withstand
the heat of transformation
Let me always feel the wonder and expectation
experienced as I bow and enter Grandmother
(Grandmother is the sacred name for the seat lodge)
The fire and me
the standing people (wood)
given in humility
keeps me grounded
Fire does not come always
I need to humble myself
ask for help
then the fire comes
(on difficulties starting the sacred fire)
The stones decide themselves
where they will sit
Some cry me! me!
but as a parent to
a wayward child I have to say
not yet
The love the stones contain
make our lives seem so selfish
In the drumming I am reborn
in the singing my soul connects
Drums and fire
I am alive
Under a canopy of stars
My friends and me
The singing and the drumming
Home once more.
In all the sacredness was laughter
Holy laughter
In the total pitch dark
There do we know ourselves
The darkness fosters trust, respect, connection
Prayers said in the heat
take strong wings

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Excerpt from "Silk Road" - An Enchanted Evening by Kitaro