Inspirational Wisdom Quotes on Life, Attitude, Self-Awareness

It took me many years to understand life is not what is bestowed on us but what we create. Self pity is very de-energising and a haughty attitude just plainly pathetic.

Life is a skill that we can learn as we go along like everything else. My greatest fear used to be leaving this world having added nothing to it. Life gave me the gift of people and opportunities to conquer that.... and none of it has been easy.

So to anyone reading this who feels their life is dangling by a thread... you are never alone. I dangled too then found an avenue to use that instability to reach out in authentic power to others. You can too.


In my life I have met many who spoke grandly,
many who professed all sorts of things.
It is when the night comes
You know those who hold a torch for you.
Do not dismiss me because you are fearful or mistrustful.
Those reactions are valid.
Listen to the words that come from my mouth,
in that let your decisions arise.
For it is not in success or failure
that we are measured by,
but our intentions.
In the striving to make good,
let us be judged.
Live every day as though your life depends on it.
You are leaving footprints
that others may choose to follow.
Therefore make your steps sound
and with good intent.
Don't be scared to be a trail-blazer.
The world is full of followers, stumbling blindly.
You have a higher calling.
Let my living be as a lighthouse

set high on the rocks of life
To help and guide those
caught in the treacherous shallows.
Those who hold their money dear?
Avoid them, for their spirit
Is in bondage.
I never realised the beauty in a young body
till too late.
Youth trusts...
try never to betray it.
Let me be judged for having loved wrongly
than hating justly.
I was always less than perfect,
but self awareness is a wonderful thing.
Look to nature in all things,
there shall you find the answers.
The frugal mind shall never have enough,
the vain a road to torment.

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Excerpt from "Silk Road" - An Enchanted Evening by Kitaro