Inspirational Wisdom Quotes on Fear & Courage

Fear is a parasite that lives off our feelings of insecurity, doubt and lack of self worth. We live our lives trying to satisfy it but the inner truth is that its nature is insatiable.

The answer always is to turn around and face it. Just as in dreams when we are persued, so in life we think that we "will be ok when.".... Only the "when " never arises. To conquer fear is one of our greatest challenges but a crucial one nevertheless.

What we think about increases (law of manifestation.)..... I want to empower you to disrobe that thieving bastard and expose him for what he is... nothing more than a 'thought form'

Thought forms are beings of energy created by us, having no consciousness but the ability to wreak havoc. They get their life force from the energy of your fear... so... every time you think on fearful thoughts you are energizing "giving life" to that thought form. Disable it now with my help. Once you change your directional energy, the things which held your attention have to wither away and die. That is a cosmic law.

Be free!


To fear love
is to live half alive.
Fear strangles new growth.
What you fear is a sign
of what you must do.
Fear is always an opportunity
for advancement.
In all suffering
I saw fear was at the root.
Fear binds us
from many acts of magnificence.
Fear highjacks youthful pleasures.
To see fear in another
is the gateway to ending their suffering.
I still fear,
but view it now as an avenue
of self discovery.
Fear unleashes love
in equal amounts,
if you allow it.
Fear keeps us enchained
in disrespect.
Fear silences the tongues of truth,
but only for a while.
What do you fear looking in my eyes?
Can you see yourself ... naked?
Physical ailments are many.
Fear robs the body of energy,
allowing disease to claim squatter's rights.
Lord God,
let me be at peace in mind and body
and let fear look elsewhere.
Perhaps my greatest challenge
was to live with fear
as a constant companion
but never give in.

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Excerpt from "Silk Road" - An Enchanted Evening by Kitaro