Inspirational Wisdom Quotes on Animals

To say I love animals cannot begin to encapsulate my feelings about them. I have loved them with such passion all my life and remember fondly every animal and bird trusted to my keeping or crossing my path.

I do not / could never view them in the ways of the world. While communicating with them, never would I want to "humanise" them. That is an affront to the animal kingdom and ultimately to ourselves. We are not animals.... We are meant to be higher up the chain of evolution... though sadly many times I feel we are anything but.
No dog has ever not come with me no matter how their owners have stated they were "one man dogs". There is an openness and vulnerability in an animal that breaks my heart. I have no time for those who say that they do not like animals because... The fault is always with us. Domesticated or wild... they are our teachers.


Give me the openness, the integrity
of an animal,
Oh Lord.
To live according to nature,
to die the same,
how much they teach us.
There is no greater feeling
than to know you earned an animal's trust.
Feed them and they will return,
love them and they will die for you.
Of all the blessings bestowed on me,
the ability to talk to animals is my greatest gift.
Never have and never will condemn those who bit me,
the fault was always with me.
Look into their eyes,
but not too long, not too deep
for they hold the memories of such pain
your soul could not bear it.
Happiness has always been
a warm coat & a beating heart
trusted to my care.
All that I am becomes manifest
when I hold an animal.
To lose your animal friend
is a pain almost indescribable...
exacerbated by the failure to understand
of those who
have not been granted entrance
to that sacred sanctum
Happiness is
a warm coat and a wet snout.
If animals are not in heaven,
let me go to hell.
To be present at the transition
(human or animal)
is a great gift from Spirit.
What you do not understand now
you will ....... you will.

Copyright © . All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © . All Rights Reserved.

Excerpt from "Silk Road" - An Enchanted Evening by Kitaro