Reiki - Cosmic Healing Energy Through The Hands


Reiki was discovered in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. It uses a technique where practitioners believe that they are transferring healing energy in the form of KI through their palms and into the recipient.

In this way the recipient is activated to produce their own healing processes. Reiki energy flows unhindered where it is most needed dissolving blockages in energy flow, some from old wounds to the body, mind or spirit.

What Does Reiki Mean?

The Japanese word "rei-ki" consists of two syllables "rei" stands for the cosmic universal aspect of the energy and "ki" is the Japanese way of expressing the universal life force permeating all living things. ( It is called Prana in yogic terms.)

It is believed to be one of the most ancient healing methods having originated in Tibet and rediscovered in the nineteenth century by a Japanese monk called Dr Mikao Usui. It has been passed down since then by Reiki masters and is now practised all over the world.

Ki energy or pranic life force is all around us from birth of course but in Reiki the practitioner goes through several "attunements" which give them the ability to channel more concentrated direct energy through their hands. It is like tuning in a radio to a radio station. The strongest signal gives the clearest it is with reiki.

The good thing about reiki is that although the hands are placed on the receivers body in a systematic way the energy flows freely to where it is most required.

Levels of Reiki Attunements

Traditionally Reiki spans three degrees of attunements which should only be taken according to the progress of the practitioner as they adapt to the new amount of energy flowing through them. This causes some opening up and releasing of personal blockages and so should not be rushed.

Reiki I

Reiki I allows the cosmic energy to flow through your hands so you can treat yourself or other people. It is usually felt by a warmth which can be quite marked by the receiver. It can also rarely be felt as a cold sensation. I sometimes feel cold in my hands as I work while the client feels heat. Sometimes it is the other way round.

Reiki II

The second attunement should not be rushed. In this attunement the Reiki Master further opens you up to receive more concentrated energy and teaches you three sacred symbols which allow you to work more powerfully.

The reiki symbols allow you to send 'distant healing' and also concentrate on mental healing. There is no distance in spirit and the jump from the power of Reiki one to the power of healing in Reiki two is what we call a quantum leap. In other words it bears no relation to the amount of energy you may have been able to channel before to the amount after the second attunement.

Reiki Master Degree

This should only be undertaken by those who have a heartfelt desire to give and receive Reiki and who are serious about learning more about themselves and their inner needs. The master has to be totally committed to their path and committed to "live" Reiki. This is a major step and one not to be taken lightly.

This third level demands a high level of spiritual maturity, as well as a surrendering of the ego not compatible with many lifestyles today.

I know this is not being adhered to. I see in magazine advertisements people offering to put someone through all initiations in a very short space of time.

I do not want to ruffle feathers here but as I have stated before the term "Master" is just that. Someone who has worked long and hard, gone through challenging personal breakthroughs in order to deserve that title.

It used to be that before one could become initiated into master level one had to have done a three year apprenticeship as a practising Reiki Master.

The whole purpose of mastership is to be a teacher of the true Reiki principles to others and the subsequent ability to perform the relevant attunements.

Practising Reiki

Although I have no desire at this time to teach Reiki, I am happy to practice from Reiki II level. (Many people find that they are happy to be attuned to level one and use Reiki on themselves regularly for many different conditions from insomnia to arthritis).

To practise Reiki with a clean heart we are supposed to adhere to what is called the Reiki Principles.

Reiki Principles
"Just for today- thou shalt not anger
Just for today - thou shalt not worry
Be thankful for the many blessings
earn the living with honest labour
Be kind to your neighbours."

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