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Inspirational & Motivational Poems on Love & Life
by Alison Stormwolf

Motivational poetry, deep and meaningful inspirational poetry by Alison Stormwolf to motivate, inspire, uplift & brighten. Spiritual poems. Poems about love, life, friendship, faith and hope.

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Clearing the Mist

I went roaming in a strange land
Where angels dressed as sinners
and whores were as saints
They challenged me to expose them
Dis-robe the usurpers
Lay waste to their claims for greatness
Or spiritual inferiority
Oh, how I applied myself to that sacred task!
But in the doing so
I found such inconsistencies!
Such 'giving' from the 'wrong' side
Such 'judgement' from the right!
My meagre wordly mind
Was thrown into the abyss of the confused.
Hypocrisy abounds, humility in short supply
Then was I told
To truly love
Without constraints of who? or why?
Colour or religion
Simply the God given surge of energy and caring
through your bones of "beyond thought"
There shall you find your contentment
There shall your tent be pitched.
For Love wears no clothes
He does not come in suitable attire
He dons the garment of your hearts desire
He changes lives but does not change intention.
So, in all things be glad
For what you see as your weakness
Will so soon be your strength
and the mists of your thinking
Will become the laser beam of your reality

© Alison Stormwolf


Nightime Companion

Slumber took me by the hand
Down, down into his inky depths
Of mindlessness and peace,
I was so happy that I wept
Tears of joy, for my release!

From a clockwork world
Which numbed my brain
Colouring my thinking
Into shades of muddy grey..
Gladly I released the day!

Slumber sat till streaks of dawn
Darted ‘cross the morning sky
Never left my side a moment
All those long, dark, silent, hours
At first light he woke me with a smile
To see a little glimmer, shining
In my sad and empty eyes...
Then so silently he slipped away
As he departs,
Once more I rise!

© Alison Stormwolf



‘Midnight’, dancer of the dark hours,
Bridge between worlds and realities, old and new
Swallower of divulged regrets and unfinished schemes;
Inky black night, obscuring visions, orphaning rational thoughts,
Bringer of sleep’s deep potion, surrenderrer of another day’s dreams…..
I lie back in your sweet arms of night-time, eagerly awaiting another few hours!
‘Come now!’ in your splendour and majesty, kissing the dark places, bringing growth
Come now! Spirit of the Bat! Moon Goddess, Creeper in the Silence
Where only YOU can see, in Joy-full awakening, come now!
My dark heart surrenders to your black void of stillness
The dawn will be my awakening beyond all words
So Midnight come now! with your dark cloak
Wrap around my hurting spirit
Soothe me with your song
Bathe me in dark bliss
Caress me, love me
Stroke my eyelids
Breathe me
Become me

© Alison Stormwolf


In Safe Hands

He drew close
As I lay bereft in the dark
He knew the indecisions
The problems and the turmoil...

We had spoken earlier
When I had brought Him
Up to date with developements
So he whispered softly....

"My time is not YOUR time

And My ways..... not yours
As it is written, so it is"

For My spirit never leaves you
NO, not in the coldest dawn
Not in your bleakest reckoning
For I know all
Even those secrets of your heart
The ones you dare not
Give voice to
Even to Me."

And a peace invaded my spirit
As the realisation dawned on me
I may often feel adrift, cast loose
On a tempest tossed sea
Where I cannot see the land
Sickness has betrayed my senses
And my compass is lost
So I cannot navigate the way home

But The Captain is in charge
and He steers a steady course
So I drift on into sleep
As the stars slowly merge into a new dawn
And the wind which whips the sails
Is no longer a threat,
More a saving...
For my long awaited horizon looms
Into being

As I am lost

In dreams.

© Alison Stormwolf


Searching for the Real Thing

Do you know where love lives?
I have been searching him out for some time
I have seen him briefly here and there
Does he live in your house?
I know He gets around a bit.

He is known in nature,
The mother elephant who sacrifices herself
In the cruel burning sun,
When the last waterhole
Has dried up and her baby can no longer be cajoled

Cruel to be kind, she pushes him on with her trunk
Through her own quiet desperation
Till she knows he can go no further
So she lies down beside him
Her huge body shielding him from the cruel burning rays
Together, for a short time from birth,
Together for eternity.

He is ever so elusive
He wears many guises, lover, friend, family
But he can be recognized by several features
Hard to camouflage, laying waste
His attempts at concealment;
He puts others first. Sometimes in a split second
The soldier who throws himself on a grenade
To save his comrades, the mother
Who refuses chemotherapy
In the knowledge it may harm her unborn child
While sacrificing her own, against all advice

The monthly visits to a jail
By the broken hearted mother
Although she knows her son is guilty
But he is the fruit of her womb
And as such is loved, as only a mother can love.
A rewrite of the Prodigal Son;
Marriage to the terminally ill
No fancy wedding. No passionate wedding night
Simply the knowledge you are joined in God's sight on earth
And so will remain in the next life.

In short, love lives everywhere, but he has a double
Who masquerades as him! Identical in most ways,
Until the time of testing……..
Then shall we separate the men from the boys
And love from his poor impersonator!
Happy are those who have known the real thing
So many of us have to settle for a life of compromise
Co- joined to the poor imitation,
A two dimensional existence

Therefore, in all things, follow your heart
For a life led in any other way
Is a tragedy and affront to God
The Creator of love and it,s pure embodiment
Who desires nothing less for his children
Than they know the warm blanket
Of true love's reassurance
No idle fancy borne of the present circumstances
Or outward appearance
But indelibly etched on the loving selfless heart
As lovers initials carved on an old oak tree

They may change from the superficial scratching of youth
To become the deeply etched marks on the tree of life
Only to be removed by the woodcutter's blade
But even then,
Alive and visible in the real world,
Beyond our physical sight.

© Alison Stormwolf


My Special Place

Dream TempleIf you will agree to come
I will show you a special place
The doorway
Is through the hidden world of dreams
I have never taken a visitor there
But you are special
I can trust you with my inner visions
And know that you will hold them sacred
As sacred as our love

Only souls who have merged
Can share the secrets
Of my special place
You held the key which opened the lock
When I allowed you to experience
My love for you
You seemed to know, without being told
This was sacred ground!
Known only to me;
But, Oh! How I longed
To share its many delights!

We will bathe in the crystal waters
And laugh and splash under the waterfall
We will lie under the Lilacs and the honeysuckle
And I will hold you in my arms
A precious person, in a precious place

We will tread barefoot on the damp grass
And ride on Unicorns to watch the sunset
In the still night air we will lie together
Under a canopy of stars
In my little Pagoda shaped house
With the open windows
And listen to the nightingale sing

Once you have discovered the key
To my secret place,
We will meet there often
The doorway
is through the land of dreams

While we are alive
So too, will our secret haven be
Whatever happens on the outside
Can never change this place

If we are separated, in time, by fate
Not of our choosing
I will be standing at the doorway
The scented air,
blowing through the muslin curtains
Waiting for you!

© Alison Stormwolf

All Rights to the above image, Dream Temple, reserved by Isis Rising Gallery
which solely represents the work of Gilbert Williams. Visit the Worlds of Gilbert Williams
Used here with permission

My Invitation

Come fly with me and join the wild geese
My love shall strengthen your wings
We shall soar beyond this world's limitations
Towards the distant horizon
Where the sky meets the sea
And all our problems are as a speck of dust
Moonlight shall be our guide
And love our guiding light
Take courage in both hands
And feel the wind lift us higher
And the cries of our friends
Shall be our comfort and encouragement
Above the clouds to a new landscape
Inexperienced except in our dreams
And our landing on solid ground
Where our joy shall know no bounds

© Alison Stormwolf



If we could catch our memories
As butterflies in a net
And put them safely
In a large glass jar
And tend them lovingly;
Then in the darkness of the night
When fear grips our souls
Or in the winter of our life
When our spring will be elsewhere
Could hold that jar in our hands
And gaze at the multicoloured contents
And, removing the lid, lie back
Letting the butterflies
Fill us with wonder
As they surround us,
Chasing away the gloom
With the silent flapping of jewelled wings
Rainbow beams of light,
Criss-crossing the room
Dispersing the shadows
Gladdening the heart
Protected, untainted and pure.

© Alison Stormwolf


My Secret Treasure

Give me one valid reason
To see through the dross
Of this humdrum and grey world
And my sense of real loss?

I have lost such a thing
As this world rarely gives
And my pain is non ending
The reason? My loss!

We could argue all day
Is it better by far
To have loved and have lost
Or stay just as you are?

Well my reasoning tells me
It's far worse to say
I never knew true love
It didn't come my way

Than to sit by the fire
Or to walk in the woods
And know yours was The Real Love
Should it last just One Day!

So please treasure each moment
And hold memories dear
Lest the world should intrude
And your lover should stray

For I know in my heart
Till the end of my time
That my love was yours....
And your love was mine!

© Alison Stormwolf


When I Dance

when i danceWhen I dance
I throw the heavy gate aside!
Release the captive
Shed sunlight on my inner shadows
Tear the shackles
From the prison wall!

I am the wind
On a hot summer's day
The whispered thought
In a deep dream
The moonbeam on a mirror loch
The warm blanket
Of love's reassurance!

I have no form!
I answer to no-one!
I encapsulate freedom
A human form
Expressing joy in all it's glory
When I dance!

© Alison Stormwolf


Magic Intentions

Think it, believe it
Consider it so
Mould it and will it
Let your dream grow!
Nurture and energise
See in your mind
All that you yearn for
Is all you will find!
All my life through
Till the day death will take me
I'll cherish my dreams
And I'll go
Where they make me!

© Alison Stormwolf


Invisible Threads

To those that we love
In this world or the next
We are always connected
By invisible threads

Whether pain in the heart
Or sorrow so deep
Or hearts overflowing
With unspoken words

We must always hold close
To the wonderful thought
That nothing or no one
Can sever these ties

For love is the bond
And God's gift to man
And the unfailing link
Keeping memories close

So never you fear
If you're lost or alone
We are always connected
By invisible threads

© Alison Stormwolf


The Traveller

I have fallen down the well of the unloved
And soared across the mountains of the adored
Given all for a lost cause
Fought like the devil for my family

Passed judgement and been publically flogged
In the arrogance of my own conceit
Worn the ragged beggar's clothes...
Imagined the world was my playground

So now, I stand and take stock
Try to level the playing field
Un-swing the pendulum
It cannot be.....

For while there is breath
And life in this flesh frame
I cannot constrain my spirit...
Nor metre my emotions.

© Alison Stormwolf


Twilight Walk

When darkness streaks across the sky
And colours change to muted greys
And distant rain-clouds ride the hills
As nature’s kaleidoscope displays
The symphony of early night
And silhouetted birds in flight
Their distant cries echoing still
I stand and watch their wings, until
The very last is lost to sight,
Heralding approaching night;

And in that most exquisite space
Through and around my trees, I trace
That wondrous pathway, worn in youth
When all I knew was love and truth
And wandered freely, free from fear
That there was any danger near,
For when among creation’s bloom
What reason should I fear the gloom?

© Alison Stormwolf


Night Voyages

All aboard,
The dreamboat is about to set sail
Canvas sales flapping
In the warm night air
Against the backdrop
Of dark velvet, star studded sky

Sleepy eyes close contentedly
Then, in the other reality
Excited children
Hurry up the gang plank
As the voyage begins

The ropes are creaking
The anchor lifts
Then, silently, gracefully
The precious cargo drifts upwards
Safe in The Captain`s keeping

Beyond this world’s worries
Beyond time and space
Towards a magical shore
Where wishes are real
And magic infuses the air

With tinkling melodies
And happy thoughts

Dawn’s pink sky
Heralds a new day
Time to return, drifting down
Warm little bodies, in warm little beds
Rub sleepy eyes, vaguely aware
Of a distant memory
And the yearning to return.

© Alison Stormwolf

When my children were very little I used to tell them to close their eyes and board "The Dreamboat" which would float up to heaven and the land of dreams. It was also a handy way of getting them into bed on time because if they missed it that meant no dreams that night!

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