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Poems About Depression, Grief & Despair
by Alison Stormwolf

A collection of inspirational poetry by Alison Stormwolf about depression, sadness, loneliness, isolation, alienation, misery, grief, despair, melancholy, pain, hurt, sad love and suffering.

Have a peep into my world. I lived these poems, every one. I share them with you in the hope that you will identify with them if you are suffering and realise that this entire web site is the fruit of this inner struggle. I practice what I preach. I have walked in this path. I am no psychology graduate who has never experienced these dark nights of the soul. I was baptised into darkness and alienation just as you may be feeling right now.

I am saying that our greatest gifts are often given in the heaviest disguise. There is a seed of blessing to somebody even in the dark pit of despair. Read Divine intervention and Grace. or The Law of Manifestation.

Miracles are round every corner. My web site was created free of charge for me by a kindred spirit who did not know me from Adam. See Miracle of this website.

Yes, I tell you that we all despair at times but trust in the goodness infusing this reality and manifest a new tomorrow for yourself.

There is great power to be had from the ashes of hopelessness.

Note: Please do not take and use any of my poetry without prior permission and linking instructions.


A Question

How could you do it?
How could you say what you said?
Then walk away, intact?
While I descended into hell
And fought for my way back

How could you sleep?
How could you look?
In the mirror each day
Knowing all you had done
And then got up and run
Leaving my whole world turning black?

How could you retrace your steps?
To a love that was dead
And leave me to rot in the pit
You’re a coward for sure
Well your future’s secure
And it’s one full of loathing
…and dread!

© Alison Stormwolf



I am entombed!

No light
Not even to
See the lock
Surrounds me

With misery
Helpless rage
Is gnawing
At my bones
And I am

Cold dread
Has torn me
Limb from limb

So I cannot
“Pick myself up”
Icy remnants
Inward screams
Echo through
Broken dreams





© Alison Stormwolf


Silence from the Heart

One day
This old bruised heart
Will stop beating
Where will you be?
Yes, where will I be?

When those
Desolate chambers
Refuse to fill
One final time
And my body’s life force
Moves on…

When the dull
And comforting
“Lub dup lub dup”
Is silenced
And my intricate
Earthly machinery
Without warning

Where will you
Be then?More importantly
Where will I be?

© Alison Stormwolf



Such agony of spirit
I am in the deepest pit
Where? When?
Did I manufacture
Such torment
For myself?

What vile deed
Did I commit?
In what lifetime?
That sentences me
In this one
To such hollow

I cannot think
For my mind
Has become
A choked gutter
With the stench
Of decaying

I cannot see
For my eyes
Have turned inward
Away from the
Post nuclear landscape
Of what lies before me
Where just yesterday
Grew spring shoots.

I cannot feel
For in that
Always lay
My weakness
And my undoing
Such suffering
Would I have avoided
Had I been born
With thickened skin.

© Alison Stormwolf


Communication Breakdown

Don’t talk to me
For my mouth is mute
And the emotions
That once betrayed my mind
Have been rendered
Into insignificance

Leave well alone
For I am so full of energy
I make a bad opponent
Yes, a very bad enemy
Not that that crown
Shall fall on you

Avert your eyes,
To other shores
For this horizon
Is pitched and tented
Already conquered
And slain
So wonder not

She Knows all
She sees all
She does not

© Alison Stormwolf


The Healing

Words, even well meant,
Can be red hot irons,
I am fragmented,
Dissolved into the great unknown
When I return I will tell you how it was
As I wandered through my own hopes
And then suddenly realised
That nothing is real

I will retreat into my special place
I need to find the meaning behind all of this
You were honest and straight
Just as it should be
Maybe you forgot somewhere
Just how much power
Words have, to raise you up,
To knock you down!

My suffering is my own
Just as yours is,
They are not interchangeable
I come to you for medicine,
You never let me down.
I just wonder whether I can take it
Your words are bullets which never miss their target.
Maybe I am not a good receiver
Maybe I am too raw for a while
I will try, but should I fail
The failing is mine and mine alone.

© Alison Stormwolf



mirageA glimpse
Through the prison bars
A vision
In the darkest night
Almost tangible,
Tragically elusive
At once elevating the spirit
And piercing the heart
With such intensity,
I suffocate
        With my inner 
For what has been               
Denied me

© Alison Stormwolf

Artwork © Christophe Vacher.

To Wake?

Softly and stealthily
I creep into another day
Under those lids of sleep
Alone, bereft, I pray

"God, give me back my life
Or even 'better' make
And if that cannot be
Then do not let me wake."

© Alison Stormwolf


Happening every Minute

Roasted, scalded, burned to the ground
Hung drawn and quartered
Hands tightly bound

Mouth stuffed with earth
Homes torn down
Eyes gouged and bleeding
Stoned in the ground
Buried alive, tortured
Children are raped
Indifference to suffering
Greed and decay

and evil is

"Just a notion"




© Alison Stormwolf



They say
It’s lovely
Over there
They say
That nobody
Wants to return
They have to,
To attend to…
Who need them.

I believe
That we
Cast off
This miserable,
Ill fitting
Of wet clothes
Exchange it
For something
Beyond description
I’ve caught
A glimpse

Blessed peace
Exquisite joy
And happiness
Are waiting
In that dimension
How can I
Bear this
Heavy burden?
I am not Atlas
Do not have
His strength

I am
The Dung Beetle
Of  repetition!
Too many moons
Too many
Cherished hopes
My desperate grasp
Too much water
My bridge
Too much
Gut wrenching
For this
One soul
To carry.

© Alison Stormwolf



Large night eyes
Staring into nothingness
A sea of blackness
And only
The solitary
of my heart
reminds me
I live.

Exquisite lonliness
Deafening solitude
and only
the company
Of my
Tired thoughts
Reminds me
I am.

© Alison Stormwolf

Broken Wings

Tired of living, scared of dying,
Catupulted out of acceptabilty
Into no woman's land
I am neither alive
Nor, sadly am I dead,
I roam in the half-way house....

A wateringhole for reflection...maybe
Oh! Sheild me from those mirrors
Those unforgiving mirrors of my mistakes!
Lest I smash myself upon them
Dash myself to pieces in penance
For my unknown crime.

That terrible crime perpetuated
Without conscious knowlege
Maybe in another life?
But one which has stamped my soul
And risen up from unfathomable depths
Begging for recompense.

Why else would I suffer in this way?
Why else would my soul be wrung out
And hung up to dry in the baking, unforgiving sun?
Why else would my plans turn to dust
Or my heart of love be invaded
By death, gloom and decay?

I am tired to my bones..and beyond,
I am beaten down into submission
My swollen eyes no longer see
And my wings of escape are broken...
Like a newborn fledgling fallen
From some lofty perch he no longer knows
An ugly, flightless victim
Of an uglier, uncaring world.

© Alison Stormwolf


The Spoiler

Why resurrect the past?
Or does the past resurrect itself?
Close my curtains
Against my memories
If only it was so simple.

Sadness invades my spirit
An unwelcome visitor
Breaking through my defenses,
Penetrating my auric sheild

Maybe I am working off my karma
Perhaps this has been orchestrated
By my bloody-mindedness
My refusal to retreat, lick my wounds

Who can say the source?
The deep inner torment of
" Give me another chance!"
This time, I will not sabotague

My happiness

© Alison Stormwolf


Tripping Softly

Pass me that cup
My dearest friend
For my arms are weary
And my vision’s gone

Put your arms around me
And sing me that sweet song
Of well lived chances
When my will was strong

I cannot face tomorrow
For my song is sung
I had my chances
Now what’s done is done

Let’s sit awhile together
As the sun goes down
Let’s talk and laugh at memories
We wove as one

Then slip quietly away…….
A new day has begun.
But I will not be here
To greet the morning sun.

© Alison Stormwolf



Pay no mind to my cold, dark soul
Calling for comfort, echoing across the ocean
We are all drowning men fighting the waves
Some can see the shore, some not

Alone, in deep dark waters, no land in sight
I look up to the heavens for reassurance
Yes, infinity calls me, echoing into my bones
My tired, empty bones, devoid of hope

I am adrift in this ocean of my shattered dreams
My arms grow weak, holding on
To this life-buoy slowly sinking

The harbour lights have gone
My last thoughts, my abiding truth
This canopy above me, circus around
Is what reality is like here, in this strange place

If I can trust and believe,
Maybe all will be well.

© Alison Stormwolf


In Confidence

I will tell you a secret
Maybe it will not surprise
Behind my smile I am in agony
Day and night a constant companion
The search for security more elusive than the Holy Grail
A mirage in the desert of my desperation
Watered by the hope of what may be
Turning to dust by what is
Unable to comprehend
My original crime.

© Alison Stormwolf


Running Home to Mother

running home to motherOne day my mind just broke
It fractured in sympathy with my heart
Like a Ming Vase invisibly flawed
From a previous knock
Which left it looking intact
But inside the porcelain was cracking
Though the shape remained the same

That dreadful day when trust was shattered
Along with my illusion of my perfect love
My mind fragmented and became
Just broken china on the floor
Ready to be swept up and discarded.

I needed to get to the forest
As a drowning man needs air
And so I ran from the office and the phone
And drove to the honesty of the evergreens
And cried out among the trees for help

Tall branches against a faint blue sky
Soft moss under my feet
Mother Earth put her arms around her hurting child
Singing softly the lullaby of creation
And endless spring times
To my bruised and bleeding spirit.

© Alison Stormwolf

Artwork © Christopher Vacher.


A Problem Shared

You are not alone!
In your cold grey dawn
When another day unfolds
Like an invisible suffocater
Strangling your life force
Paralysing your optimism

The desire to hibernate
Be tucked in, with a hot water bottle
And a reassuring word
Dominates the thinking
Scalding the senses!
Torturing the mind!

All avenues a dead end
Reassurance a shroud
Mute with misery
Encased in a world
Where all you have is pain
And alienation

Get up and walk!
Yes, it can be done!
You are a hero!
Your courage unrecognised
Until those who would pass judgement
Are similarly afflicted

Don't give up now!
The finishing line is in view!
It matters not how we cross it
Hobbling, staggering or running
We have run the race
Coped with the obstacles
Grabbed the baton
Made it over the tape
Into the arms
Of the people we love!

© Alison Stormwolf


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