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Recited Audio Poems of Alison Stormwolf

For those who prefer to listen to poetry, I have recited some of my inspirational poems in audio...

I feel poetry comes to life when recited... slight inflections of the voice can completely alter the whole feeling of a poem when read aloud. All the more so when the poem is recited by the person who wrote it.  The poems come from the heart and soul of the poet, and touches the heart and soul of the listener in a way that reading poems cannot always do. Of course in its purest form, poetry is like art - to be interpreted individually and personally. So some are happy with written poetry, and others appreciate hearing poems read out loud. I hope you enjoy them.

I encourage you to post your comments in my Guestbook, I would love to hear your feedback.

Select a Poem...

The Last Bend In The Road   (1.1Mb)

Standing In The Gap  (912kb)

A Bitter Wind   (1Mb)

To The End Of The Line   (950kb)

Power of Woman   (460kb)

Battle   (770kb)

Broken Webs   (700kb)

Hewn In Rock   (1Mb)

The Wraith   ( 500kb)

Just Following Orders   (1.1Mb)

Calling in the Crows   (1.2Mb)

Bluebells of Scotland   (1.1Mb)



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