Inspirational Wisdom Quotes on Self-Worth, Self-Love, Self-Esteem

I believe a lack of self-worth afflicts many of us and hinders our evolution. We do not realise the damage done so often in childhood. Young people are like sponges accepting other's assessment of them as fact. Those hidden wounds often never heal and resurrect themselves time and again over the years, leading to all sorts of problems.

We have been taught that to love ourselves is a sin... to have 'false pride' is.. maybe... but to genuinely love and respect ourselves is the bedrock of all wonderful relationships and happiness.

We cannot truly love others unless we can love ourselves. You are an indispensible part of the whole of creation, precious and unique. How can you not feel special?


To be affirmed in childhood
is the greatest blessing
parents can bestow.
Loving myself
has been such a challenge.
I cried out in the pain
of my dark night for mercy.
He told me, "Love yourself."
Cruel words can wither
A young shoot.
Never let another's estimation of you stick.
People (being human) will denigrate or uplift you falsely.
No, look into your own eyes
and see the trust The Creator has placed in you.
Then go about your day
with awareness and thanksgiving.
To realise the love we hold,
is like finding hidden treasure.
If self acceptance is very difficult,
see the needy child within.
For we all carry our children
locked safely away.
Jealousy finds a way to attack your greatness.
The pain of rejection
is nothing more
than a sign post
to what ails you.
I care not what the world thinks
as long as He accepts me.
What greater confirmation
could I ask?
To allow others to be your yardstick
will keep you enslaved all your life.
You were not created to cower
under the disapproval of others.
Let your light shine.
Only you can carry it.
To believe others
rather than your own heart
will keep you stunted.
Only when I was able
to accept myself unconditionally
was I able to truly love.
The question was never, "was I good enough?"
Rather, "was he good enough?"
Self acceptance
is a comfort blanket
in the cold light of dawn.
Never let another steal
your magnificence.
Look into your own eyes and say
"Yes, I am a good person."
Beware of those who drag you down.
They always have a hidden agenda.
Stop to pick your brother up,
but only so many times...
Refuse to accept another's estimation of yourself.

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Excerpt from "Silk Road" - An Enchanted Evening by Kitaro