Inspirational Wisdom Quotes on Hope & Hopelessness

There is a subtle difference between despair and hopelessness. Despair talks to me of total frustration and anguish, but hopelessness is the last wrung on the ladder. Many of us have been in those desolate places. I can only say that I believe there is great power at times to be found when we relinquish all desire to live or face anything. By that, I in do not mean it is a desirable place to be. In fact we could never go there by choice.... we go there when all avenues of hope or comfort have deserted us and we can see no point in anything.

What I am saying is that there is a Divinity behind all life (I personally believe it is beyond our worldly comprehension). Any name we give it is not great enough... any theme we give it is far removed from the Grace of it.... any mental image we form is but a gift granted to us individually, so that we can focus our thoughts on that. We are Divine Beings beyond form and thought.... but in the Earth Life we need those anchors..... for our sanity if nothing else.

We were given the gift (the tool ) of 'free will' in order to work out our karmic debts. The many myriad beings in the invisible realm who watch over us and monitor our progress do so oft times unable to intervene. This is why prayer is SO important in our lives. It allows those beings to cross the free-will barrier and aid us and comfort us.

However, (although beyond my explanation, and certainly not to be taken as gospel,) I feel that if our time is not yet upon us, and we are surrendering to total despair..... the invisible can and will intervene.

Countless breakthroughs have occurred throughout history when the broken person relinquished themselves to the 'powers that be.' Sometimes we have to be wise enough to "let go and let God". This is not a contradiction to authentic power. In fact it is an affirmation of our inherent choice in everything.


There is no place you are beyond God's hand
no circumstance,
no debauchery,
no guilt
no shame
no self hatred,
No 'failure'
Even arrogance
is understood
and forgiven
surrender is Holy
~ Alison Stormwolf ~


In deep despair
Then ask The Invisible
To intervene.
'Free will' binds the hands of
Many there.
Despair and Hopelessness are cousins,
But one sees the exit.
In hopelessness
We become open channels.
True hopelessness
Is Hell on Earth,
Oh, but the invisible sees.
Hopelessness binds the tongue,
Renders us mute from appealing for help.
In that extremis Spirit intervenes.
When you cannot speak
For the pain is too deep,
Ask inwardly.
Prayers said in this way
Are often the most powerful.
There is no avenue of pain
That others have not already
Left their tracks in the snow.
In the deepest night of suffering
You are granted entry
To a sacred sanctuary
Where all those
Who have gone before and suffered
As you do
Will come silently.
Bind your wounds,
Soothe your brow,
Whisper encouragement.
The Invisible
Will see you through
Hopeless is a squatter
Who comes to stay
When he sees the opportunity.
But he is a nebulous thought form,
Has no real substance.
Dismiss him.

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Excerpt from "Silk Road" - An Enchanted Evening by Kitaro