Inspirational Wisdom Quotes on Forgiveness

Forgiveness is without doubt one of the most important things we as humans can aim for. I am completely convinced that lack of forgiveness will kill us quicker that even anger. It often requires seemingly super-human strength (as in cases of child abuse etc) and so we need in those cases to ask God for help.

Being the passionate person that I am, I know that there would be many cases, should they happen to me, that I would find it almost impossible to forgive... that is when we need to acknowledge our frailty.

The unforgiving heart pulls in the auric shield closer than a second skin. This means we are sealed off from experiencing real joy, happiness or love for the rest of our earthly lives.

There is a real need to love yourself and therefore allow yourself to forgive. Just remember that the person you do not forgive is probably not affected, but you are... terribly. It does not have to come from the heart... it is simply a decision you make. If you cannot voice it, let me help you...

"Lord God I ask for forgiveness to descend on this heart today. I know nothing will take the pain away and that damage may be done but come in your gentle power to rebuild lives and replace that bleak place with a new awareness of your mercy".


is a Holy Estate.
To forgive is a gift to yourself.
Look into the heart of that which pains you most.
There you will find the answer.
Unforgiveness robs our grave while living.
Unforgiveness will show on your face.
Let it be taken to those with the higher perspective.
Give it over in prayer,
then release yourself.
In all acts of pain I try to see the inner child...
blameless, confused, trying to find meaning.
Pray for help in forgiving others
Sometimes it requires higher assistance.
To harbour unforgiveness
is a form of self poisoning.
Unforgiveness is a stealthy robber
stealing your joy and all good things.
I forgave so many
why can I not forgive myself?
dims your light.

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Excerpt from "Silk Road" - An Enchanted Evening by Kitaro