Inspirational Wisdom Quotes on Family

Families are a blessing and at times a burden. I believe we chose our families before birth. We all came into form on Earth with a task, and there is a Divine Order behind everything. They can be a sheltering shield when life tosses us about, a place of refuge... or they can be riddled with unresolved issues, negativity, jealousy and resentment. Whatever the situation, there is a reason why we share bloodlines and so your family will always be connected to you.

The days of extended families are sadly passing, but I do believe that we all exist in the mind of God, so in a way we are all one family anyway.


Do not envy those
With easy relationships.
They are not being challenged,
Not being fashioned
As precious stones.
They say that blood is thicker than water
But blood congeals, clots
Water stays free
We are free to adopt,
No restrictions exist in The Invisible.
If I decide you are my son
You are my son
I gave birth three times
But I adopted several
Whether they liked it
Or not!
We have our earth families, yes.
We also have our spirit families.
'Grandfather Fools Crow'
Is my grandfather,
A Scottish Highlander
And a Native American
How can that be?
I adopted him
Knowing he
We chose our earth families
Before incarnation,
Do not beat yourself up.
Admire the fire
And courage
In your soul.
My family do not understand me?
Thank God
You have been sent
To effect change
Families can be the breeding ground
To all kinds of resentment
Do not look to your families
For confirmation of who you are.
Their eyes are clouded by familiarity
If I was to see myself
Only through my family's eyes,
I would have slept in the soil
Long ago

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Excerpt from "Silk Road" - An Enchanted Evening by Kitaro