Inspirational Wisdom Quotes on Death & Dying

The fear of death keeps us enslaved in negativity all our waking lives. I would love to rewrite the curriculum for children to give them the skills necessary (especially now) to embrace death as part of the family.

We have divorced death and tried to sanitise it as though it is something shameful instead of the "Great Transition" that it is... Death is part of life and to rid ourselves of the fear of it will bring great blessing.

I have brought my children up to know that the next world is not to be feared but to be anticipated with a certain sense of belonging. As the years have passed and more people and animals have gone, I have allowed them to view their "homecoming" with new eyes. I have told them that when they are born there is rejoicing on earth and sadness in heaven and when they die there is sadness on earth and rejoicing in heaven.


I was with you.
I never let you down.
Circumstance and situation are all illusion...
I was with you.
Death has stages...
The spirit leaves, then the body dies.
Take great care what you say
around the departing soul.
When the end comes.
let me rest well
secure in my inadequacies
above all things.
That was not him in his coffin.
He was meeting with old friends,
putting the world to rights,
watching the Nairn sunset.
No, that was not him.
Do not ever judge
death from what you see.
The body is only an empty shell,
twitching at times.
missing its inhabitant.
Death comes
with great dignity.
Death and I are old friends.
I see his ways,
he is always merciful
I want to dance death,
shake him from those cloaks of deception.
Were we not so encumbered by 'Maya'
we would rejoice.
*** Definition of Maya: Illusion. The transitory, manifold appearance of the sensible world, which obscures the undifferentiated spiritual reality from which it originates; the illusory appearance of the sensible world.
Death is God's greatest surprise
for His much loved children.
When death comes upon me
let me go willingly, joyfully,
secure in the knowledge I did my best.
Lord God
In the hour of my departure
keep my eyes fixed on you.
I saw many die.
Always did sacredness intervene.
They come for you,
yes, its true
There is nothing more dead
than the body from which
the soul has flown.
The finality of death
should be a comfort.
To be present at the transition
(human or animal)
is a great gift from Spirit.
what you do not understand now
you will .... you will.
Gone, gone, gone beyond...
so a well loved mantra tells me.
The knowledge should uphold and uplift you.
When they go and leave you,
do not make a saint out of that memory.
Rather remember them in honesty
and let a smile play upon your lips,
a tear moisten your eye.
Death is nothing more
than the losing sight of...
My father, my father!
never did I love you more.
Death allowed me to see that.
Thank you for waiting for me...
Death is a great teacher of brotherhood.
The agony of bereavement
is essentially selfish.
Death is the gateway to life.
Why should we fear life?
Death frees us from all infirmity.
What a blessing.
The Angel of Death is a merciful friend.

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Excerpt from "Silk Road" - An Enchanted Evening by Kitaro