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Native American wisdom is deep, profound, simple and true. It has passed the test of time. The wisdom of their elders is very perintinent to the times in which we are living. Had the rest of the world lived according to their philosophy as 'Earth Keepers' we would not be facing the dreadful problems as a planet that now assail us in the ways of pollution, climate change and plundering of resources.

There are countless tribes each with their own language, sacred stories, customs and ceremonies. However, they all share the wisdom of being aware of the Cosmic connection to not only each other but the very earth and skies, trees and rocks, animals and plants. They teach "walk lightly upon the Earth and live in balance and harmony."

Read the words of that great holy man, Black Elk:

"The first peace, which is the most important,
is that which comes within the souls of people
when they realize their relationship, their oneness,
with the universe and all its powers,
and when they realize that at the center of the universe
dwells the Great Spirit,
and that this center is really everywhere,
it is within each of us."
~ Black Elk - Oglala Sioux ~

They are profoundly spiritual people who have suffered greatly. Their words echo deep in my bones. I hear truth, beauty, and meaning in the words from their holy men and elders.

"From Wakan-Tanka, the Great Mystery,
comes all power.
It is from Wakan-Tanka that the holy man has wisdom
and the power to heal and make holy charms.
Man knows that all healing plants
are given by Wakan-Tanka;
therefore they are holy.
So too is the buffalo holy,
because it is the gift of Wakan-Tanka."
~ Flat-Iron (Maza Blaska) Oglala Sioux Chief ~

"Out of the Indian approach to life
there comes a great freedom -
an intense and absorbing love for nature;
a respect for life;
enriching faith in a Supreme Power;
and principles of truth, honesty, generosity, equity,
and brotherhood as a guide to mundane relations."
~ Luther Standing Bear, Oglala ~

They lived and breathed their spirituality. And so do not forget.

"Every Dawn as it comes is a holy event
and everyday is holy,
for the light comes from "WAKAN-TANKA"
And Also you Must remeber that the Two-leggeds
and All other peoples who Stand upon this Earth
are Sacred and Should be Treated as Such."
~ White Buffalo Woman - Sioux Sacred Woman,
quoted by Black Elk , (Oglala Sioux) 1947 ~

It has become quite a 'fashion' to try to take on Native American teachings. We do this proud nation a dis-service to try to emulate them in a shallow way. They know (and they always knew) their kindred-ship with the Earth. We have tried to box them in, silence their words and 'educate' them, lest they cause us to shrivel up in shame!

Those of us who recognise these things can only move forward in love. Ask forgiveness from our Native American brothers and sisters who have managed to retain ancient wisdom. Their God, Wankan Tanka is our God too. How can it be other?

We live in very turbulent days and we owe the such a debt of gratitude for their forbearance. Surely now the time has come when we can share and meet in mutual acceptance and thanksgiving that they have kept ancient ceremonies and respect for elders and ancestors alive. We can learn so much about honour from these people.

There is no doubt that what is happening on a global scale now gives us very little time but we also have a choice. We can choose to carry on down the road of greed and corruption to disaster, or we can revert to knowledge, wisdom, guidance and truth as told to the elders of every nation through time and entrusted to the 'Earth Keepers' the native Americans.

I believe their voice will now be heard by all nations.
It is the time for freedom from mental slavery
and return to our birthright as good people
reclaim our kindred ship to each other,
the kingdoms and give due respect
and walk in balance and harmony
with the entire natural world.

An Indian Prayer
Whose voice I hear in the winds,
And whose breath gives life to all the world,
hear me! I am small and weak, I need your
strength and wisdom.
Let Me Walk In Beauty, and make my eyes
ever behold the red and purple sunset.
Make My Hands Respect the things you have
made and my ears sharp to hear your voice.
Make Me Wise so that I may understand the
things you have taught my people.
Let Me Learn the lessons you have hidden
in every leaf and rock.
I Seek Strength, not to be greater than my
brother, but to fight my greatest
Make Me Always Ready to come to you with
clean hands and straight eyes.
So When Life Fades, as the fading sunset,
my spirit may come to you
without shame.
(translated by Lakota Sioux Chief Yellow Lark in 1887)
published in Native American Prayers - by the Episcopal Church

What humility and purity of spirit is demonstrated here!
In what way did we think we could 'educate' them?

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