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Universal Warrior
by Alison Stormwolf

parasAnd some people laughed
But some felt the need
They could not understand
To touch him
Strange as he was...
Some primal instinct told them
'He is not what you assume'

No, he is imbued
With a wisdom not acquired
Through one short visit
To this mixed up world of men
His battledress
Reflects his task,
He does not look for acceptance

How he smiled inside
But only with compassion
For a people who could only judge
With shaded eyes and bound spirits
On the acceptable,
In an unacceptable world

Safer to keep a distance
For some
Lest the treasure from his mouth
Infect them
With that terminal desire
To know more, to break out
Of those constricting bands
Of convention
And acceptability

Arcane knowlege walks among us
But we dare not look
Beneath the surface
Lest the 'disenchantment'
Of our ignorance
May cause us to explode
Into the vast expanse of space....
From whence, he came.

( For Paras)

© Alison Stormwolf



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