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The Spider's Web (Reincarnation)
by Alison Stormwolf

The Spider's WebI exist and so do you
But our existing may be at odds
From our experience
So how can I love you as I should?
As I want to
As my soul tells me is real?

Open up your heart for me
And let down that long forgotten staircase
I am your Cinderella coming home
I do not need the glass slipper
I see it in your eyes

Come now across these hindrances
For we can only ever be together
Makes no difference what the mind says
Behold me…here I stand as always,
Enter my cavern of thought
Shout out amid those echoing caves of caring

Here is your woman moulded by life's cruel irony
Yes, cast your eyes upon me
For this is me entire....
Be glad and welcome in that new beginning
That reintroduction to yourself
No elements can hinder our soul's evolution
See me in the night sky.

Hear me in this strange desire to type
See me in the words I am compelled to use
Know me in those similarities of wondering
Look beyond the vessel spilling forth the words
Remember, remember…
Dig deep …

© Alison Stormwolf



Artwork © Christophe Vacher.

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