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The Pain Of Feeling
by Alison Stormwolf

the pain of feelingI have seen beauty
Which brought me to my knees
Which made me want to cry out
For the wonder of it

I have known love
Which wounded me fatally
With the arrows of desire
So completely
That those scars may never heal
But what is that to me?

I look and caress
Those weeping sores
Like a lover would his loved one
For they speak to me
Of a heart seared by love and passion
And so should I need their healing?
I will lick them back to health

I have known pain
That tore my guts out
And made me want to offer them
As a sacrifice to the carrion crow
If it saved others from feeling the same
Oh! The unity
Of mankind in suffering.

Walked among the misunderstood
In psychiatric wards,
Looked into vacant eyes
Where it was safer
To chemically smother their
Stories of what it is like
What they see. What they experience
Than to listen, really listen….
And maybe….believe.

If we cannot see it,
Feel it, hear it!
Well, it cannot be real!
Can it?

I have wrestled with dark things
That most could not believe
But rose to do the shopping
Pay the bills,
For such mundane things go on
In spite of our personal dramas
Then the night comes once more...

I am branded like a cow
And I wear my brand with pride
For your suffering is mine
And mine, yours
Our wondering.
Our staggering
Our chaffing under the mighty
Yoke of humanity
Crying out to empty skies

And the Mother rocks us
As the Cosmic Father guides us
“Do not look to the skies little one
Take your attention within
For the seeds of your evolution
Have already been planted,"
"Your tears are the watering field
Your desperation the fertile ground,
Now stand back in thankfulness
and await the harvest.”

Happy are we
Who feel with such intensity
For in us is birthed
A new humanity.

© Alison Stormwolf



Artwork courtesy & © Daniel B. Holeman,
Visionary Artist - Awaken Visions.

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