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Star Sisters
by Alison Stormwolf

Who do we thank
When we meet our family
After maybe a lifetime searching?
Oh yes, where to go
To say
‘I am glad you are in my life?’

Well, you see, it is not so easy
Those of us aware of our source
Tend to keep that information hidden;
This world was not geared for
Such as us…
Such revelations

I laugh and my spirit sings
For I can no longer be constrained
A ‘family homecoming’ is a precious thing
SO precious, it can hardly be named
Not from fear of ridicule
Not for disbelief

My spirit sings
For the countless nights
I stood alone looking at the moon
For the countless times I felt alienated
For the strange joy and ‘knowing’
That now surges up
In my young heart
That inner awareness
I was one of many

So my soul dances
and my mind is at peace
For I know that through it all
On the opposite side of the world
My sister, my soul sister
Was feeling the same!

Amazing and wonderful
Blessed cosmic reassurance
That the path I am walking
Is the right path for me
And that soul alienation
Was but another piece
Of the illusion
That is

( For Janara)

© Alison Stormwolf



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