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Return To The pack
by Alison Stormwolf

return to the packCome, climb into
my wolf’s skin
It’s not so hard,
Once you know how
You just have to accept that energy
That integrity, that says
I am Wolf
And you
are me….

Come, climb into the heart of me
for I am lying on the floor
So close to Mother Earth
I cannot lose her company
Her dignity

For what ever years are left to me
I am one in a way not yet
But feeling it all the same
Human but wolf
How can that be?
Humans are so intelligent
Trail blazers

Come now Mother wolf
And let me suckle you,
Empower me
For I am of your pack
And no matter how I may try
To persuade myself
“It is not so”
Your eyes tell me of ancient things
Such precious things
And why I love you so.

Come now.

Mother wolf……

© Alison Stormwolf



Shapeshifter Image by Diana Elizabeth Stanley

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